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Rusan New Picatinny Rings

The Rusan is a Croatian business that has been in existence since 1983. Initially, its main activity was metal processing but in 1990, the business expanded into gunsmithing (weapons service, repair, modification, parts manufacturing). This year, they attended IWA fair in Germany as exhibitors. Since out partnership goes back a long way and has gradually evolved into a friendship, we naturally paid them a visit at their booth to see what they came up with for 2024. At this year’s fair, Rusan presented a new updated design of their Picatinny rings and a fixed version of their modular adapter for clip-on systems.

Simple and Modern Looks

Any rifle owner familiar with Rusan mounts can easily distinguish them from the competition. The company has built its reputation on producing sturdy and high-quality mounting solutions, earning a special place among users for their premium pivot mechanisms and Picatinny rails. We especially like their “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach—it’s served them well over the years, helping the company grow and earn recognition around the world.

Rusan New Picatinny Rings

It looks like 2024 is the year Rusan decided to shake things up a bit. Not that changes were necessary, but they went ahead anyway. At IWA, Tadej and I got a first look at their brand-new Picatinny rings design. The new-generation rings come in two types of materials – you can choose between steel or aluminum.

The design itself has taken on a more elegant and sleeker look and just by eyeing them next to the older models, we could tell they seemed a bit narrower. However, the way you mount them hasn’t changed – Rusan’s new rings can still be attached to a Picatinny rail using either a quick detachable system with a lever, a fixed system with conventional hex screws, or a fixed version with a thumb screw.

One question we hear a lot from our customers is about the height and diameter of the rings. With the new generation of rings, Rusan is keeping the BH heights and diameters the same. This means customers can still pick from the most popular sizes to find the best fit for their rifle and choice of optics.

Final Thoughts

Even though Rusan’s mounts are already well-regarded for their quality, it’s refreshing to see the brand updating its range.

Rusan New Picatinny Rings

The new rings seem to be aimed at those who appreciate a bit more style, wanting to enhance their rifle’s appearance with a sleek design touch in the mounting system. The final price hasn’t been set yet, but it sounds like they aren’t planning on any significant price hikes. We also learned that the company intends to continue producing the previous generation of rings alongside the new ones. It was nice catching up with Rusan at IWA, and we’re excited to see what they bring to the fair in the future.

Rusan New Picatinny Rings
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Rusan New Picatinny Rings
At this year's fair, Rusan presented a new updated design of their Picatinny rings.
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