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Liemke Luchs-1 – Real Start Up Time

You can watch how this device performed below

Start Up Time: 6.112 seconds

Ready to Use Time: 6.112 seconds

Liemke Luchs-1_cta


Time #1 Time #2 Time #3 Time #4 Time #5 Average Time Standard Deviation
Start up Time 6.07 6.14 6.12 6.07 6.16 6.112 0.0409
Ready To Use Time 6.07 6.14 6.12 6.07 6.16 6.112 0.0409

Liemke Luchs-1
Liemke Luchs-1

Our Observations

With Liemke Luchs-1, the user must turn the knob. After 1 second, the manufacturer’s logo appears. Next, we get the image, and the device is also responsive to all users’ actions, which means, that the “start-up” time and “ready to use” time are the same – approximately 6.11 seconds.

Liemke Luchs-1 has a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery. This means that you should always check the battery percentage before going into the field, as you cannot change it. To charge the device, you need a type-C charger, which is included in the package.

The device is easy to handle, and the buttons are easy to press even if you are wearing gloves.

This device also has a Standby option, which is a remarkably useful battery-saving feature. If you turn the knob to the letter S, Liemke Luchs-1 goes into “Standby” mode. If you wish to exit this mode, you must turn the knob again, to ON.

To turn the device off, you simply turn the ON/OFF knob.

Specifications provided by the Manufacturer

Name Liemke Luchs-1
SKU Liemke-Luchs-1
Made in Germany
In production since /
Start-up time /
Battery life 6.5 h to 9 h *depending on environmental conditions, settings, and media functions.
Battery Type Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, 4800 mAh
Removable battery No

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