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Steiner Nighthunter C35 – Real Start Up Time

You can watch how this device performed below

Start Up Time: 14.518 seconds

Ready to Use Time: 16.398 seconds

Steiner Nighthunter C35


Time #1 Time #2 Time #3 Time #4 Time #5 Average Time Standard Deviation
Start up Time 13.24 14.36 14.45 16.28 14.26 14.518 1.0993
Ready To Use Time 15.16 16.50 16.19 18.02 16.12 16.398 1.0362

Steiner Nighthunter C35
Steiner Nighthunter C35

Our Observations

With Steiner Nighthunter C35, the user has to long-press the on/off button for at least 2 seconds or until the manufacturer’s logo appears, which is at 4 seconds. After the logo disappears, the image appears, and the Startup timer stops – at approximately 14.52 seconds. At that time, the device is still unresponsive to the users’ actions, therefore the ‘color modes’ button is used to determine when the device is ready to be used. As soon as the device responds to the press of the button, the second timer stops – at approximately 16.40 seconds.

We were pressing the button that changes the color mode to accurately portray the ready-to-use time. The number of times we pressed the zoom button does not matter; the ready-to-use time does not get any longer/shorter.

Steiner Nighthunter H35 uses rechargeable li-ion 18650 batteries. For this testing, we used the ones from the Panasonic brand (Panasonic 18650 rechargeable batteries).

The build quality appears to be quite good. It is easy to handle, and the buttons are easy to press even if you are wearing gloves. Despite the slightly bigger size, we found it quite comfortable to use.

When turning the device off, you just simply hold the on/off button, until all parts of a circle turn red (it looks kind of like a countdown), and then you can release the button. If you release the button sooner, the device goes into Standby mode, which is a nice battery-saving feature. To exit the Standby mode, you simply press any button, and the device is ready to be used again.

Specifications provided by the Manufacturer

Name Steiner Nighthunter C35
SKU 8700000102
Made in Germany
In production since 2022
Start-up time /
Battery life ≥ 2.5 hours at 25°C (only observing)
Battery Type rechargeable 18650 battery
Removable battery Yes

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