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Leica Red Dot Sights

Leica entered the red dot sight market in 2018 when they introduced Tempus ASPH at IWA in Nuremberg.

Tempus ASPH

Tempus is a reflex red dot sight. The size of its window makes it perfect for use on a driven hunt. The aspheric lens provides a crisper and more brilliant image, and the Noblex (ex Docter) sight mounting platform makes it easy for the user to find an appropriate mounting solution. There are two versions to choose from – you can either pick a 2-MOA or a 3.5-MOA version. Both versions come with a nice, high contrast definition of the dot – even the 3.5 MOA red dot is small enough for the user to accurately shoot and aim at targets at short to medium distances. Optics are top-notch, but nothing less is expected of a red dot sight in this price class. 12 illumination intensity levels are enough for all lighting conditions, and the automatic power-off function will make sure that the battery doesn’t discharge in case you forget to turn off the illumination. 1 MOA clicks allow for a precise POI adjustment which makes the target acquisition fast. Leica includes an innovative cover with this product – once it is put on the device, the user can still see through the lens. Additionally, there is an opening on the left side so that the illumination intensity regulation buttons can be accessed. This is a great solution since open reflex sights are problematic to use in the rain – the water can get in between the diode and the lens. If you are looking for a red dot sight that combines elegance, build quality and optical performance, then Tempus dot sight with asphere lens is the right choice.

Leica Red Dot Sights Series

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