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Leica Tempus ASPH Red Dot Sight

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Leica Tempus ASPH Red Dot Sight Details

  • Incredibly useful for driven hunts because of its big window that provides an unobstructed field of view and allows quick target acquisition.
  • Top-notch optics with no tint will ensure a great optical experience.
  • Both versions (2 MOA and 3.5 MOA) feature a fine dot with a great definition that allows the user to shoot accurately at targets at short to medium distances.
  • Tempus’s mounting platform is compatible with all Noblex (ex Docter) sight mounts, meaning that finding a mounting solution is incredibly simple.
  • Reflex-type red dot sights often face problems in the rain – but not Tempus! It comes with a cleverly-designed plastic cover that, once put on, does not obstruct the view through the lens. There is also an opening on the cover so that the user can reach the illumination intensity regulation buttons.


Leica launched Tempus, its first-ever red dot sight, in 2018. Even though Leica is a newcomer in the red dot sight market, much was expected of this device due to the company’s reputation. Tempus is a premium reflex red dot sight of high quality and with it, Leica fulfilled the expectations.

About the product (Tempus ASPH.)

Tempus is a reflex red dot sight. Currently, there are two versions available which differ in the size of the illuminated dot: The 2-MOA version and the 3.5-MOA version. Both are perfect for mounting on a rifle and hunting-oriented use, predominantly driven hunts. Because its window is quite big, it is not as suitable for a handgun as it is for a rifle. The big window provides an unobscured field of view and thus allows quick target acquisition. Both versions (2 MOA and 3.5 MOA) will provide a fine dot that allows for an accurate shot on short to medium distances.

ASPH stands for aspheric. Tempus features an aspheric lens instead of an ordinary one, contributing to the overall quality and sharpness of the image seen through the lens. Its mounting platform is compatible with all Noblex (ex Docter) sight mounts on the market, meaning that founding a mount for Tempus will not be an arduous task. As befits a red dot sight of this price class, Tempus can withstand the recoil of even the strongest calibers out there. The sight will remain fully operational even at extreme temperatures such as –25 degrees Celsius.

To change the battery (CR 2032 type), the user does not have to dismount the device since the battery compartment is on the right inside a battery tray. It can be easily opened with the plastic tool provided in the package. The device features elevation and windage adjustment screws – clicks are 1 MOA, which means that a single click moves the POI for approx. 1.5 centimeters on 50 m.

There are 12 illumination intensity levels to choose from. The definition of the dot is very nice – it can be clearly seen. The intensity is regulated with the help of two stylish buttons on the left side of the device. It also features an automatic power-off function – it will automatically power off after four hours of inactivity to preserve battery life.

Tempus comes with a plastic cover which is especially useful in the rain. Once put on, the cover will not block the view through the lens. Furthermore, there is an opening on the cover so that the user can reach the illumination intensity regulation buttons.

This is a red dot sight that combines Leica’s elegance, top-notch build quality and excellent optical performance.

All Tempus sights are made in Portugal.

  • Great for driven hunts
  • A big window that allows quick target acquisition
  • Mounting platform compatible with Noblex (ex Docter) sight mounts
  • 2 MOA and 3.5 MOA versions available
  • Great optics, no tint
  • Can operate at extreme temperatures such as –25 degrees Celsius.
  • 1 MOA clicks for elevations and windage adjustments
  • 12 illumination intensity levels
  • Great dot definition
  • Automatic power-off function after four hours of inactivity
  • Can be used together with the cover, which is excellent in rain


The product comes with 10 years of warranty. You can read more about the warranty policy here.

Leica Tempus ASPH Red Dot Sight Specifications

Dot sight seriesLeica Tempus
Made inPortugal
In production since2018
Warranty2 years
Click Value No
Windage - mrad. 32.02mrad
Windage - MOA.100MOA
Reticle position No
Reticle illumination Yes
Illumination color Red
Usable at daytime Yes
Automatic Turn Off No
Size of Dot.0MOA
Adju. intensityYes
Intensity controlClick Switch
Parallax setting Free of Parallax
Length.60.71 mm
Width.0 mm
Height.0 mm
Working temperature range-35° / +70°
Power Supply UnitCR2032
Battery lifespan.0h
Filled with -
Lens coatings Fully Multicoated
FootprintDocter/Noblex standard
Mounting StandardDocter Sight
Mount type - IntegratedNone
Mount length.60.59mm
Size of window21x25 mm
Dot Sight TypeSmall tube sight
Water proof Yes
Fogproof Yes
Shock proofYes
Type of mount rail No


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