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Blaser Saddle Mount, 25.4mm

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Blaser Saddle Mount, 25.4mm Details


Blaser is a firearms manufacturing company with headquarters in Isny im Allgäu, Germany. It was founded in 1957 by Horst Blaser. In 1997, it merged with SIGARMS – the production; however, remained autonomous. Today, they mainly produce bolt-action rifles, shotguns, combination guns and single shot rifles.

Blaser has revolutionized the way riflescopes are mounted on the rifles by introducing a unique mounting system. Most Blaser rifles (R8, R93, B95/B97, D99, K95, S2, BBF95/97 and many others) have four notches on the barrel, the dimensions of which are the same on every Blaser rifle that uses this mounting system. Blaser is one of the first rifle manufacturing companies that introduced the barrel-mounting system.

Blaser's Saddle mount

Blaser's Saddle mount, robust and reliable, offers a 100 % repeatability, meaning that it can be removed and put back onto the rifle without having to re-zero. It can withstand the recoil of all the calibers, even the most powerful ones. To indicate that they are original, all the new mounts made by Blaser have “Blaser” engraved into the steel at the bottom part of the mount.

The bases of the Blaser's Saddle mounts are made from steel while the rings are made from aluminum. To mount it on the rifle, the user has to follow a very specific mounting procedure. First, the Saddle mount with the locking levers open has to be placed into the four notches on the barrel of the Blaser rifle. Once on, the levers have to be folded inwards to fix the mount in place. With a standard precision screwdriver, the clamping force has to be adjusted (it is important to use a precision screwdriver since the bigger ones can leave scratches on the surface). Unlike other similar mounts, the Saddle mount does not feature locking screws which is pretty unusual. Once the clamping force is adjusted, the screws will remain in that position. Blaser Saddle mounts are very compact and of an elegant shape.

It is important to note that once a Blaser mount is mounted on the rifle, it cannot be used on any other Blaser rifle as it will either clamp with too much force or it will be too loose (there is a possibility that the mount will fit on another rifle but that seldom happens).

The ring mounts are available in five diameters: 25.4, 30, 34, 36 and 40 mm. The ones with the diameter of 25.4, 30 and 34 mm can be bought in 2 BH heights while the ones with the diameter of 36 and 40 mm are only available in one BH height. The base measures 11 mm in height. For riflescopes with objective lens diameter up to 50 mm, the lower BH height is recommended (in cases where there are two heights to choose from). For riflescopes with an objective lens diameter of 56 mm and those with a clip-on attached to the objective, the higher BH height is recommended.

Mounting instructions

First, the user has to place the mount on the rifle with the locking levers open so that it fits into the four notches on the barrel. The rifle has to be fixed into position, preferably placed into a rifle holder. Once the levers are folded inwards, the user tightens the screw on the right side of the mount, adjusting the clamping force. It has to be tightened to the point where it is fixed but not all the way to the end. Once the riflescope is put into the ring mount, no lapping is required. Blaser claims that the user does not have to glue the rings, even though some gunsmiths, following the tradition, prefer to glue them to prevent movement. The recommended tightening torque is 2.2 Nm.


The product has a warranty period of 10 years.

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Blaser Saddle Mount, 25.4mm Specifications

Mount seriesNo
Made inGermany
In production sinceNo
Warranty10 years
Length.0 mm
BH-build height. 0mm
H height.0
Extension - KR No
Inclination No
Type of mountDetachable mounts
Mounts FashionNo
Adju. windage-
Scope - Sight type 25.4 mm - 1"
Mounting StandardNo
Offset angleNo
Suitable for MountsBlaser R93, Blaser S2, Blaser K95, Blaser D99, Blaser BD 14, Blaser BB 97, Blaser R8, Blaser BBF 95, Blaser BBF 97, Blaser BS 95, Blaser BS 97


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