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    Single piece scope mounts


    The most important fact that is in common with all single piece scope mounts is that the both scope rings share one piece of material.

    The whole mount is made of one piece of raw material and common process to make mount of it is milling.

    Single piece scope mounts are usually made for tactical applications and are most suitable for use on Picatinny rails. Although, there are some manufacturers on the market which make elegant one piece mounts for hunting applications, such as:

    Besides Picatinny rails, there are other rail standards that are also common with this design of scope mounts, for example:

    • 11 mm – Al

    • 5 mm – Tikka, Sako TRG

    • 19 mm – CZ 550

    These type of mounts are usually made from high quality aluminium and can be either quick detachable or fixed.

    Two groups of Single piece scope mounts for different purposes


    These mounts can be found for more modern rifles, because decades ago they were not available yet. Even though we can find these mounts with great, elegant shapes (like Blaser, Sauer, Innomount and other mounts, for example), they are not that much popular with other, cheaper manufacturers.

    These mounts are quite expensive and therefore they can be mostly found on modern rifles of higher price levels.


    Single piece scope mounts for tactical rifles are nearly perfect. It is probably the best way to mount a scope with enough rigidness, hardness, durability, reliability and precision. On the other hand, these scope mounts are normally expensive.



    One of the most important advantages of single piece scope mounts is perfect ring alignment. Therefore, normally you will not flex or damage the scope with this kind of mount.

    The user also gets a bigger contact surface between the scope and the mount, which is a favourable factor. One of great things with these scope mounts is that there is no lapping needed.


    If you are an aesthetic freak, you might not be too happy with these mounts. They usually have the bulky appearance and bigger mass. If you can live with that, you will be just fine with the choice.

    Although, you have to be prepared to pay somewhat bigger price because they are normally more expensive. Also, there is the less adjustable length for proper eye relief.

    Is lapping still advisable with one piece scope mounts?

    There is no need for lapping at all. You will not gain anything with it, because these scope mounts are made of one piece of material, which means perfect alignment. Of course, the mount has to be made as it should be – proper quality during manufacturing is needed.

    If the quality of the production process and design is not good enough, there might be problems with such mounts. Not only that lapping is normally not needed, but there is also no need for bedding, which is also a great advantage.

    Single piece mounts with an inclination

    Single piece scope mounts are the most common mount form with inclination. The inclination is usually 20 MOA. Of course, matched rings are needed; they should not be mixed, otherwise, we lose this great option.

    These type of mounts are great for long-range shooting because they offer whole new possibilities for long-range shooters.


    Single piece scope mounts are great mounts because of the perfect ring alignment, rigidness and so on.

    They are normally quite bulky, which might be the reason (in addition to expensive prices) that they are not so much popular on hunting rifles (except original mounts from hunting rifles manufacturers which can be very elegant and good looking – Blaser mount, Sauer mount, etc.) as they are on sport and tactical rifles. Lapping or bedding are normally not needed, which are just two more factors why they are great mounts.

    Normally, if you like the appearance, you cannot go wrong with these type of mounts.

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