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Yukon Scout Spotting Scopes.

Scout scopes are designed for scout rifles and are similar to handgun scopes. These scopes have a long eye relief, which is why they can be mounted in front of the action to assure that they are far enough away for the shooter to see a clear image. Since they are this far away, it is impossible for the shooter to be hit by scope because of recoil. Scout scopes are light and compact so that they do not weigh the rifle down too much in the front part. They are mostly equipped with 1-inch tubes and are designed to withstand heavy recoil. The reticles are regular and rarely illuminated. Plenty of these scopes come with fixed magnification, only exceptions have variable magnification (2–6x, 2–8x). Because of long eye-relief, they usually have a very narrow field of view.

  • Mounted in front of the action

  • 1-inch tube

  • light, small

  • long eye-relief


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