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    Vortex Razor UHD Binoculars.

    An evolution of the very popular, very high-end Razor HD series, the new Razor UHD binoculars go even further and has been specifically designed by Vortex Optics to “take the best-of-the-best to the next level”. In this quest, they have left no stone unturned to offer the ultimate level of performance.

    Made in Japan and available in the standard 8x42 and 10x42 configurations that will meet and indeed exceed the needs of the most common uses, the Vortex Razor UHD also comes in the larger and more powerful 12x50 and 18x56 variations ideal for extreme distance and low light observation.

    Important Features

    The Vortex Razor UHD is based around an extremely robust magnesium chassis with what they call a true open hinge design that reduces overall weight but more importantly offers improved ergonomics and frees up more area on each of the barrels for more to hold onto. Added to this is the rubber armor exterior that not only adds further protection to the optics but also adds a non-slip surface for a superior grip.

    Vortex has also used O-ring seals that prevent any moisture or dust from being able to penetrate the binocular. As well as this, the interior is filled with completely moistureless Argon gas to prevent any internal fogging of the lenses and thus extends their use in all environments and weather conditions.

    Another one of the many premium-level features on the Vortex Razor UHD binoculars is the diopter adjuster ring. Positioned in the usual spot under the right eye-piece, it not only enables you to calibrate the binoculars to your particular vision but as it is lockable it ensures that after calibration, you never lose your setting by accident.

    Optical Properties

    The key difference between these and the HD version of the Razor and indeed most other roof prism binoculars on the market is the fact that rather than the far more commonly used Schmidt/Pechan roof prisms, the Razor UHD incorporates the very best Abbe-Koenig roof prism design.

    Whilst this type of prism is both longer and heavier than a typical  Schmidt/Pechan one, they are also more efficient at transmitting light and like the Porro prism are able to transmit 100% of the light that enters them and thus are able to deliver brighter, higher-quality views.

    On top of this, the prisms have also been phase corrected. This means that special coatings have been applied to them that are able to keep the individual wavelengths of light in phase with each other. Once again this has the effect of further improving image quality and definition when compared to roof prism binoculars that lack these coatings.

    Another major highlight of the optics used in these Vortex Razor binoculars is the APO system. Here instead of the more common two lens elements within each lens, these binoculars use apochromatic (APO) lenses made up of at least 3 lens elements. This enables them to converge three wavelengths of light onto a single point instead of two which has the effect of reducing spherical and chromatic aberrations and thus results in a higher definition image.

    As you would expect at this level, the optics on the Vortex Razor UHD binoculars are also fully multi-coated and thus have multiple anti-reflection coatings on all lens surfaces which once again improve brightness and image quality. What is more, Vortex Optics use their cutting edge coating application process known as Plasma Tech that they say increases the durability of the coatings and their performance.

    Finally, Vortex Optics has also added their extremely hard and durable ArmorTek coatings to the exterior surfaces on both the objective and ocular lenses. This tough, scratch-resistant material not only protects them from damage but also makes it harder for oil and dirt to adhere to the surface ensuring clearer views and less frequent cleaning.


    Like the instrument itself, the included accessory pack that you find within the box is second to none. As well as the usual selection of a padded neck strap, rain-guard, objective lens covers, and a microfiber cleaning cloth, the Vortex Razor UHD is supplied with a semi-rigid protective case that attaches directly to the included bino-harness via the four quick-release clips on the back.

    Vortex has also included an accessory pouch that can attach to the front of the case using the Molle mesh attachment system. This pouch is ideal for storing small objects like a compact rangefinder and also includes space for spare bullets that will benefit the hunter.

    Features of Vortex Razor UHD Binoculars

    • XR Plus Fully Multi-Coated Optical System
    • Abbe-Koenig Roof Prisms
    • Phase Correction Coatings
    • Scratch Resistant ArmorTek Coatings
    • APO Lens System
    • Rubber Armoured Exterior
    • True Open Hinge Body Design
    • Magnesium Alloy Chassis
    • Waterproof and Fog Proof (Argon Purged)
    • Central Focus Wheel
    • Lockable Right Eye Dioptre
    • Twist-up Eye Cups with Multi-Position Stops

    Accessories of Vortex Razor UHD Binoculars

    • Semi-Rigid Carry Case
    • Binocular Harness Strap
    • Padded Neck Strap
    • Objective Lens Covers
    • Rain-Guard
    • Lens Cleaning Cloth
    • Instruction Manual

    Warranty Terms and Conditions

    These binoculars are backed up with a comprehensive Vortex VIP Warranty. This unlimited lifetime warranty is fully transferable states that they will repair or replace your binocular in the event it becomes damaged or defective at no charge to you.

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