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Hawke Steel Rings, 25.4 mm - Nut

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Hawke Steel Rings, 25.4 mm - Nut Details

Hawke Steel Rings, 25.4 mm - Nut
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Hawke Steel Rings, 25.4 mm - Nut Specifications

Mount seriesHawke Steel Mounts
Made inChina
In production sinceNo
Warranty10 years
Length.0 mm
BH-build height. 0mm
H height.0
Extension - KR KR 0.0 mm
Inclination 0 MOA
Type of mountFixed mounts
Mounts FashionDirect Mounts, One-Part Mounts, Two-Piece Mount
Adju. windageNo
Scope - Sight type 25.4 mm - 1"
Mounting StandardNo
Offset angleNo
Suitable for MountsCZ 512 Tactical, CZ 600 Alpha (Long), CZ 600 Alpha (Medium), CZ 600 Alpha (Mini), CZ 600 Ergo (Long), CZ 600 Ergo (Medium), CZ 600 Ergo (Mini), CZ 600 Trail, Browning BAR MK3 DBM, Steyr Mannlicher Luxus Magnum (Picatinny), Steyr Mannlicher Luxus Standard (Picatinny), Sabatti Urban Sniper, Sabatti Tactical EVO US, Sabatti STR Sport (Pre-2021), Sabatti STR Sport (Post-2021), Voere S16, Baikal 121 Lis, Baikal 141 Sobol, Baikal 145 Los, Baikal MP-161K, Baikal 161 Manul, Beretta BRX1


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