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GPO Passion ED 8x32

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GPO Passion ED 8x32 Details

These mid-sized 8x32 Passion ED binoculars retain many of the desired characteristics of the popular 8x42 configuration, but manages to fit them into a slightly smaller, more lightweight package. Thus these binoculars will appeal to users looking for an excellent all-purpose instrument perfect for uses like birdwatching or general wildlife observation, but that is just that bit easier to carry about on long walks or indeed pack away in your luggage than the full sized 8x42 alternative.
Whilst you benefit from the lighter and more compact binocular, the drawback is the fact that the smaller lenses are not able to capture as much light and thus image brightness, especially in low light conditions is not quite as good as the 8x42 Passion ED.
At 136 meters wide at 1000 meters, the field of view is very wide, making it easier for you to quickly locate your intended subject. In the case of small and/or fast moving subjects like birds, this wide view also makes it much easier to follow them.
For a mid-sized binocular the 16mm of eye-relief is good and means that even if you wear eyeglasses, you should be able to achieve the full image by twisting down the eye-cups.
For those who like to occasionally view butterflies, other insects or even perhaps birds in a close-by bush or bird feeder will appreciate the minimum close focusing distance of only 2 meters.

About GPO Passion ED Binoculars

Whilst the focus of GPO’s flagship Passion HD series is firmly aimed at outright performance, German Precision Optics have created this Passion ED series of binoculars with an eye on achieving an excellent performance to price ratio and thus will appeal to those who need a binocular that can perform an exceptional level, but who also have an eye on the price tag.
So whilst many of the features and components are the same between the Passion HD and the Passion ED series binoculars, there are a few differences that help to keep the price of this series a little lower.
Firstly is the fact that they are actually made in different countries: All GPO binoculars are 100% quality controlled in Germany, however the Passion ED binoculars are manufactured in China, whilst the Passion HD’s are produced in a factory in Japan.
Available in either full-sized 8x42 or 10x42 models or the standard mid-sized options of 8x32 or 10x32 models, there are a few other differences which I will highlight below:

Important Features

These GPO binoculars have a textured rubber armour exterior which provides a good level of grip as well as protection. Underneath they are supported by a magnesium chassis with a top-hinge body design. This single, very thin bridge is also made from magnesium.
Fully sealed, this chassis is both waterproof and nitrogen purged for fog proofing.
Like the flagship Passion HD series, these also have aluminium eyepiece housings and twist-up eyecups with multi-position click stops. Indeed the only major difference in the body is that rather than having the diopter integrated into the focus wheel, these Passion ED binoculars sport a more conventional right eye diopter adjustment ring.

Optical Properties

In terms of their optical components and coatings and as with the rest of the instrument, these compare very well against others in this price range. However there are a couple of optical differences between these and the flagship Passion HD series:
Passion ED binoculars use a single ED element within each objective lens, whilst the HD has two slightly higher grade ED elements. The other main change is that these lack the hydrophobic exterior coating used on the Passion HD.
As you would expect , both models feature a fully multi-coated optical system and they both use very high quality Schmidt Pechan roof prism systems. These prisms are both phase corrected and feature multi-coatings of the very best dielectric mirror coatings that reflect more light across the full spectrum for better quality and brighter views.


German Precision Optics supply the Passion ED series binoculars with a hard carry case for improved protection, a thick neoprene neck strap for added comfort, covers for both the objective lenses and the ocular lenses as well as a cleaning cloth and instruction manual.

Features of GPO Passion ED Binoculars

  • Fluorite Containing ED Glass Lens Elements
  • Fully Multi-Coated Optical Pathway
  • Phase Corrected & Dielectric Coated Schmidt Pechan Roof Prisms
  • Magnesium Chassis
  • Twist-Up Aluminium Eyecups with intermediate click stops
  • Right Eye Diopter
  • Waterproof and Fogproof (Nitrogen filling)

Accessories of GPO Passion ED Binoculars

  • Hard Carry Case
  • Neoprene Neck Strap
  • Objective Lens Covers
  • Ocular Covers
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Instruction Manual

Warranty Terms and Conditions

You also receive a 10-year warranty with all GPO Passion ED binoculars, so should anything go wrong, your binocular will be replaced or repaired at no cost to you.

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GPO Passion ED 8x32 Specifications

Binoculars seriesGPO Passion ED
Made in-
In production since-
Warranty10 years
Type of prism Roof - Schmidt/Pechan
Variable magnification No
Magnification. 8x
Diopter adjustment -3 / +3 Dpt
Lens size diameter. 32 mm
Exit pupil. 4 mm
Field of view - FOV... 136m/1000m
Field of view (angular). 8.7407°
Apperent FOV (angular).
Eye relief distance. 18.0627mm
Closest focusing distance. 2m
Twilight Factor 16
Light transmittance 90%
Relative Brightness 16
Lens coatings Multicoated
Length.125 mm
Width.133.0972 mm
Height.49.6294 mm
Working temperature range-
Filled with -
Focusing system Central
Diopter setting locationRight eye-piece
Minimal interpupillary distance.62.8345 mm
Maximal interpupillary distance.7.8543 mm
Type of BodySingle hinge
Water proof Yes
Fogproof Yes
Tripod compliantNo
Built-in Compass No
Built in Range finderNo
Image stabilization (IS) No
Able to float No


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Reviews & Testimonials

Reviews for GPO Passion ED 8x32

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What a little gem. By
I was in the market for a pair of midsize binoculars (30-35mm) and ran across a relatively new player in this very competitive size: German Precision Optics (GPO). Most binoculars today are designed and manufactured in China which keeps the pricing competitive. The difference with GPO binoculars is that, while they are manufactured in China, they are designed in Germany and must adhere to their quality standards. The company is also headed by former Zeiss and Swarovski executives who have a long history of managing alpha quality optical products. When I received my pair, it was packaged amazingly well. The high quality presentation box contained the binoculars, a very nice hard case with strap, good quality neck strap, rain guard, and the obligatory instruction booklet. The binoculars themselves really exude quality. The chassis is made from magnesium and is encased with a very high quality rubber like covering. The outer portions are textured and provide and excellent gripping surface. They are nitrogen purged and completely water and fog proof. The diopter adjustment has a nice friction feel to it and does not wander or move once set. The high quality eyecups are also twist adjustable with three very positive click stop settings. I found the focusing wheel to be superb. It is approximately an inch in diameter and is quite smooth. There is no grittiness or stiff areas. At ~500g, they have good heft in the hand without feeling overly heavy. Unlike many binoculars using polycarbonate enclosures, these have just enough weight to be stable when observing. So how do they perform. Well, they are excellent! Now, they are not Alpha quality. If you want the absolute pinnacle of optical perfection, you're simply going to have to pony up for a top-of-the-line Zeiss, Swarovski, or Leica. They will, however get you close. The field of view is 410 @1000. This is quite good. The image is bright, clear, and full of contrast. The center, on axis image rivals my Leica Ultravid HD's, which is to say outstanding. The image begins to deteriorate a bit towards the edges. I would estimate at about the 75% to 80% field of view mark. It also displays a certain amount of pin cushioning which is common with binoculars that do not have a field flattener. Field flatteners induce a "rolling ball effect" and I would much rather have a bit of pin cushioning. It has excellent depth of field and I could detect no chromatic aberration. I attribute this to the excellent ED glass used in the objective lenses. In summary, the GPO Passion ED 32 is an outstanding product. It truly represents a benchmark at this price point. Optically, it holds its own with binoculars at three times it's cost. Using ED lenses, a magnesium chassis, superb ergonomics, you will have a pair of binoculars that represent one of the finest values in optics today. Add a high quality case and a good warranty one will be hard pressed to find it's equal for anywhere near it's modest price

(Posted on 22/05/2021)

"Bang for buck" By
Awesome binocular the Gpo ed 8x32 easily compete with higer end more expensive binos (zeiss,swaro etc)Great clarity and build quality. Nothing bad to say at all, one of the best binos in its pricerange.
Buy it and save some money...its that good.

(Posted on 22/05/2021)

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