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EAW Steel Picatinny rail, Sauer SSG 3000, 200 STR

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EAW Steel Picatinny rail, Sauer SSG 3000, 200 STR Details


Picatinny rail consists of slots with 5.23 mm spaces between one another, which means that it can be used across its entire length. It is simple to mount and interchangeable – if something is made for a Picatinny rail, it will fit regardless of the manufacturer or manufacturing date. It is affordable, resilient and reliable – this is why it so commonly used by professionals and military. Because of all its great qualities, Picatinny rail has been dominating the rail market in the recent years.

Picatinny is a big step forward from the Weaver standard. Weaver has a few predesignated slots while Picatinny has slots all over its surface, allowing the device to be mounted wherever the user finds it fitting. Weaver's slot is 3.8 mm wide, which is why all mounts made for Picatinny will also fit on a Weaver rail while those made for Weaver will not fit on a Picatinny rail. This is one of the main reasons why Picatinny is a far better mounting solution.

EAW is a German company, known for producing top-quality mounts. Their Picatinny rails, which are all made from steel, have a nice finish and come with a unique channel in the middle, allowing the user to clearly see the rifle's sights. Screws are included. EAW chooses only the best materials for their products. All of these great features; however, come at quite a steep price.

About the rifle

Sauer, founded in Germany, has been producing firearms since 1751 – it is the second oldest manufacturer of firearms in the world. One of their most known firearms is Sauer 38H, an advanced semiautomatic pistol that was produced in great numbers – it featured a cocking/decocking lever. They partnered with Swiss company SIG in 1976 – a new line of semi-automatic pistols was launched, branded SIG Sauer. SSG 3000 is a product of their joint effort.

SSG 3000 is a bolt-action push-feed rifle made for only one caliber: .308 Win. (7.62x51 mm NATO). It operates on a five-round magazine. The action is solid, durable, and mated to the stock at the rear. Its ejection port is of a closed design, unlike the open style actions typical for Remington. It is designed with great precision as the bolt operates very smoothly. There are six locking lugs on the bolt – these are aligned into two rows. New models have Picatinny rails integrated while the old ones don't.

The Picatinny rail is attached on the old SSG 3000 models via 11 mm dove-tail on the back side of the receiver and with two screws on the front side of the receiver.

Sauer 200 STR is a bolt-action target/competition rifle, used for shooting on targets up to 600 m away. There are several variants on the market: STR 200 Recruit (chambered for .22 lr); STR 200 Junior (chambered for 6.5x55 and .22 lr) and STR 200 Match (chambered for 6.5x55, .308 Win., and .22 lr.). The barrel length is either 670 mm, 700 mm or 740 mm. The bolt features six lugs. The rifle feeds from a 5-round box magazine.

Rifles Sauer SSG 3000 and 200 STR have actions of the same dimensions, which is why they share the same mounts.

Picatinny rail for SIG Sauer SSG 3000

Picatinny rail for SIG Sauer SSG 3000

Mounting details

A: 22 mm
B: /
C: /
D: 11 mm (only the back part of the Picatinny rail)

Mounting instructions

Remove all the stains (grease, oil etc.) from the rifle's receiver with a cleaning fluid (acetone). Once the surface is clean and dry, check whether the screws match the rail and the holes on the receiver. Make sure that the Picatinny rail is compatible with the rifle by inspecting the mounting holes on both. Before mounting the rail permanently, apply a minimal amount of thread-locking fluid 278 or 648 on screws and contact surfaces. Be careful not to get the fluid in or near the mounting holes. Carefully clean the remaining excess fluid around the rail with a cleaning fluid. Using a torque driver, screw the screws appropriately (up to 2.2 Nm) – do not overtighten.


The product has a warranty period of 30 years.

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EAW Steel Picatinny rail, Sauer SSG 3000, 200 STR Specifications

Mount seriesEAW Picatinny Rails
Base typePicatinny
Suitable for11 mm dovetail, Accuracy International, CZ 452, CZ 453, CZ 455, CZ 511, CZ 512, CZ 513, Keppeler Sports Rifles, Mauser 201 KK, Sauer 200 STR, SIG Sauer SSG 3000

A, B and C markings refer to the distances between holes on the rail/mount. A is the distance between the front two holes on the rail/mount.

A,B,C distances

22 mm

A, B and C markings refer to the distances between holes on the rail/mount. B is the distance between the holes in the middle (usually, that is the distance between the 2nd and 3rd hole on the rail/mount).

A, B, C distances


A, B and C markings refer to the distances between holes on the rail/mount. C is the distance between the rear two holes on the rail/mount.

A, B, C distances

BH height

BH stands for Bauhöhe (ger.) which means overall height. It is measured from the mounting surface of the rifle to the lower surface of the riflescope's tube.

BH height

6.5 mm

Often, the elevation adjustment that the riflescope offers is not adequate to compensate for the bullet drop when shooting at long range. When the riflescope runs of out of elevation, a mount with an inclination is needed. 20 MOA is the most common inclination. With it, the user gains 58.2 cm / 100 m of additional elevation range when shooting at the range of 100 m. This is approx. 5.8 Mrad of elevation.

Length136 mm
Warranty30 years
Made inGermany
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