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    Gen. 3 Night Vision Optics

    Gen. 3 Night vision devices are the most advanced and most improved night vision devices currently on the market, and are in use by professionals like special forces, police, military and so on.

    • These devices feature a micro-channel plate like the Gen. 2 devices, but the photocathode is made of gallium arsenide.
    • Gen. 3 night vision devices do not need an artificial light source not even in total darkness, because the light amplification is from 30.000 to 50.000 times.
    • Whatsoever, these devices can detect even higher wavelengths of 900nm and even more.
    • The life expectancy is also improved to almost 20.000 hours, but the battery life is shorter. 

    Night Pearl NP-22

    Night Pearl NP-22

    Gain and resolution are further improved compared to Gen. 2 and Gen. 2+ tubes, and the microchannel plate is coated with an ion-barrier to improve tube life. Lately, manufacturers started to produce also devices where the ion-barrier is removed – called filmless tube versions. In such devices, the resolution is further improved, and there is less ˝halo effect˝ around bright lights. Also the sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio is improved.

    For the Gen. 3 night vision devices also white-phosphor cathodes are available, for a black and white image. The resolution with this tube is further improved, and longer time observation is more comfortable.

    Be sure you don't expose the 3rd generation analog night vision devices to sunlight because it can damage the image-intensifier tube!


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