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Scope mounts for Barnard Precision "P"

General description:

Barnard Precision started their Action and Custom Rifles manufacturing industry in 1993. Company was founded by Peter Barnard. Barnard Precision produces Custom Tactical, F class and Hunting rifles based on their own actions. They also produce a wide range of firearm accessories. The company is particularly specialized in the expertise of target shooting platforms. They „inherited“ a fasion of producing actions based on the Remington style actions. Barnard Precision uses Dolphin Modular, Joe West Laminate, Locally made F-Class and Hunting stocks for their rifles. Their most renowned and famous action is certainly an „S“ model, which is manufactured on the famous Remington 700 SA (Short Action) model.

Physical properties and dimensions:

Barnard Precision „P“ action has an option to be designed as Anschutz standard Round - shaped 11 mm Dovetail, or drilled and tapped with four holes (m4) on the rifle's receiver for the mounting purposes. It's made for Palma and Long – Range shooting. „P“ model Rifles are chambered in .223 Rem., .308 Win., .534 Mag., .338 Lapua Mag., .375 Cheytac, and  .408 Cheytac calibers. Action is about 200 mm long and measures 37 mm in diameter. „P“ Action is around 1307 g heavy, and is manufactured with three different bolt heads, these are: .223, .308, .534 Magnum. Rifle has Controlled – Feed action style, three locking lugs and Sako style extractor. Barnard Precision rifles which are manufactured on the „P“ action are the following: Model 10SS, TR Rifle (Anschutz 11 mm Dovetail), Joe West FTR Rifle, Dolphin FTR Rifle, NB F-Class Rifle, Dolphin F-Class Rifle, Joe West F-Class Rifle. 

Barnard Precision P

Barnard Precision P

Barnard Precision P Receiver

For a more thorough and complete overview click below:

Fixed mounting options:

Fixed ring mounts – Two-Piece:

Fixed two-piece ring mounts cannot be detached from a rifle without the use of tools. They come at an affordable price and offer high reliability. Generally, they are not difficult to install on a rifle. Fixed means that the user cannot quickly detach and therefore switch scopes, which limits the usability of the rifle. Fixed ring mounts for Barnard Precision „P“ are mostly produced in two fashions. A) direct rings and B) advanced two part rings with separated base part, which is attached to Barnard Precision „P“ receiver and ring which is attached to the base part. Simple rings are cheaper and easier to manufacture, while more advanced rings with separated ring and base part are more expensive, but usually offer a possibility to adjust scope's windage on the mount itself.

We can group Two-Piece fixed ring mounts for Barnard Precision „P“ in the following groups:

Aluminium Two-Piece Direct Rings

Steel Two-Piece Rings (Two-Parts)

Detachable Mounting options

When talking about Detachable Mounting options, this means these mounts are removable without tools or other instruments, additionally you can remove them simply with the use of bare hands. Usually, these mounts don't offer full repeatability. These mounting options offer great advantage in terms of transport. Riflescope and rifle can be transported individually. When reattaching the scope on the rifle, point of impact shifts up to 10 cm on 100 m. Usually, Detachable Mounting options are designated as QR (quick release) or QD (quick detachable) abbreviations.

Detachable Ring mounts:

Detachable Rings mounts are designed with simple metal levers, which are used for quick remove from the rifle. These mounts are attached to Bernard Precision „S“ receiver. Final position of the levers can usually be switched without the change of the clamping force. This offers a posibillity to adjust the position of the levers for a better visual appeal (both levers pointing in the same direction), once the mount is positioned and fixed on the rifle's receiver. Additionally, these mounts are designed with recoil groove and recoil lug. Some Detachable Ring Mounts for example EAW Mounts, offer windage adjustment. Usually, Detachable Mounting options are designated as QR (quick release) or QD (quick detachable) abbreviations.

Repeatable detachable mounts

Repeatable mounts are the most sophisticated mounts available and their main purpose is the removal of the telescopic sight from the rifle and mount it back again without the need of zeroing it all over. Repeatable detachable mounts are basically the same as detachable ring or scope rail mounts, with a difference regarding mounting mechanism. Repeatable detachable mounts are designed with a precise clamping mechanism, which requires identical hand clamping force for every attachment. Additionally, the same position of the mount is a guarantee. Usually, Detachable Mounting options are designated as QR (quick release) or QD (quick detachable) abbreviations.

Repeatable Slip-On ring mounts for Barnard Precision „P“:

Repeatable Slip-On rail mounts for Barnard Precision „P“:

Pivot mounts with rings:

A special kind of repeatable mounts are pivot mounts, also known as swing mounts. They offer 100 % repeatability and can be quickly and simply detached and reattached with the use of levers, buttons and screws, with no tools required. Pivot mounts are extremely durable, lightweight, compact and elegant. Their drawback is perhaps their price, which is considerably higher than the price of fixed mounts with rings and other mounting options. The installation on the rifle should be done by a skilled gunsmith. Most of the times, pivot mounts are higher than 14 mm.

Pivot ring mounts guarantee 100 % repeatability and are available either as one-piece or two-piece versions. They allow simple installation of multiple riflescopes or red dot sights on a single rifle with great amount of interchangeability.

Pivot mounts with rails:

Pivot rail mounts are available in either one-piece or two-piece versions. They allow simple installation of multiple riflescopes or red dot sights on a single rifle with a great amount of interchangeability and 100 % repeatability. These mounts are almost the same as pivot mounts with rings but are intended for mounting of scopes with Zeiss ZM/VM rail, Swarovski SR rail, S&B Convex rail or traditional LM rail. Such setup tends to be a bit higher than with ring mounting, but this is usually not a problem for scopes with 50 or 56 mm objective lens. One-Piece Pivot mounts for rails clamp on the rail of the scope on almost it's entire length and provide very reliable mounting solution.

Mounting bases:

Picatinny rails:

The Picatinny rail is on a good way of becoming a global standard for mounting since it was invented in 1995. Developed on the Weaver template, the biggest advantage of the Picatinny rail is the usage across its entire length, unlike Weaver which has predesignated slots for mounting, limiting its usability and versatility. Ease of use and interchangeability are also its assets. Picatinny has slots evenly placed, namely exactly 5.23 mm one from the other and 3 mm deep. Because of this, the mounting is identical on all firearms using the Picatinny standard. Picatinny rails are usually available with 0 MOA or 20 MOA inclinations.Picatinny rail can accommodate all types of mounts, also those designed for Weaver standard. Full size mounts of this type are designed for mounting of modern optics for example thermal or digital.

Weaver rails:

Contessa bases:

Warne bases:

RedDot mounting options:

Docter Sight mounts

The Docter Sight is a reflex sight with an array of application options. It is ideal for shotguns and for use on driven hunts. It can also be used on handguns, rifles and various other platforms. There are three availiable Docter sight mounting solutions. Which are: Repeatable, Fixed and Detachable. We should mention that Detachable Docter sights mounts require a new zeroing everytime you reattach it to the rifle. Repeatable mounts hold a constant zero. Usually, Detachable Mounting options are designated as QR (quick release) or QD (quick detachable) abbreviations.


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