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Detachable Mounts

Detachable mounts are all the mounts that can be detached from the rifle in the field without the need of any tools. Such mounts offer the following advantages:

  • Detachable mounts offer the possibility to use multiple scopes on one rifle,
  • Enable easy transportation of the scope and the rifle separately,
  • In an emergency, if the scope fails you can immediately detach it and use iron sights.

There are many different types of detachable mounts which are generally divided into two main categories:

  1. non-repeatable mounts,
  2. repeatable mounts.

Non-repeatable but quick detachable mounts are mostly meant for preventing situations where the optical sight might fail and the user would need special tools to remove it from a weapon. Mounts in this category enable the user to remove the mount from the weapon in a matter of seconds with bare hands. Such mounts also offer easy transportation of rifles and optical sights separately, however when you mount both parts together again you will need to zero the scope again.

Repeatable mounts are the most sophisticated mounts available and their main purpose is that you can remove the telescopic sight form the rifle and mount it back again without the need of zeroing it every time. This gives the user a possibility of using the iron sights and optical sights interchangeably based on the particular needs in different situations. Lately it is becoming more and more popular for hunters and shooters to use two or more different optical sights/scopes on the same rifle. Repeatable mounts are ideal for such use.


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