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Weaver Handgun Rifle Scopes.

Weaver Classic Handgun scope description

Weaver Classic handgun scopes are designed for use on heavy recoiling handguns, and they were tested to withstand at least 1000 shots from a .454 Casull revolver. In this series, there are currently 3 handgun scopes available, one of them is a fixed power scope and two of them are variable magnification. Clarity, and reliability under the jarring recoil of today's most powerful handguns is guaranteed.

Windage and elevation adjustments "click" in 1/4 minute of angle (MOA) increments. The scopes from this series have a parallax set up from 40 to 50 yards, depending on the model. Scopes in the Weaver Classic Handgun series have a Dual-X reticle, which is set in the second focal plane (reticle size doesn't change with magnification).

The lenses that are built inside the Weaver Classic Handgun scopes are fully multi-coated for a better picture quality and more light transmission. The main tube is made from a single-piece aluminum, with the diameter of 1 inch for the mounting.

All scopes from Weaver classic Handgun series are made in Japan and feature a 2 years long warranty.


Weaver Classic Handgun scope features

Weaver Classic Handgun scope configurations

Mounting of Weaver Classic Handgun Scopes

The Weaver Classic handgun series scopes can only be mounted with 1-inch rings. The rings are not included with the scope.


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