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Docter Basic 2.5-10x50

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Docter Basic 2.5-10x50 Details

Docter Basic 2.5-10x50 illuminated rifle scope

Description of Docter Basic 2.5-10x50 rifle scope


Docter Basic 2.5-10x50 rifle scope is very versatile and all-round usable rifle scope, best suited for all of those hunting in the mountains, stalking and for those who need a bright scope for low light use. Docter Basic scope series is optically equal to much praised Docter Unipoint line of scopes, but it has different illumination control. Illumination system in Docter Basic 2.5-10x50 has an intensity range from very dim low light setting and all the way up for day-bright use. It is controlled very instinctively with a rotating button (Docter Shiftcontrol) and also has the automatic turn off function after 3 hours. Functioning of the Docter Basic reticle illumination system is explained in this VIDEO and you can see the illumination intensity graph below. Illuminated dot can be fine-tuned to any possible light conditions so that over-illumination or under-illumination can never happen.

Docter Basic Illumination Intensity graph

Reticle design is really unique in Docter Basic scopes since the illuminated dot in located in the second focal plane - SFP and the reticle bars in first focal plane - FFP. Such reticle offers great rapid target acquisition at low magnifications due to this reticle bars and clearly visible illuminated dot. It also offers very fine dot on the target on high magnification settings for accurate aiming. With unrivaled optical resolution for this price class (2.5 second of arc according to measurements in Article: 56mm Lichtriesen, DJZ 12/2010) and very high light transmission rate seen on the lower picture, this scope is a great choice for many who search premium optics for affordable price.

Docter Classic Light Transmission Rate graph

Docter Basic 2.5-10x50 dimension can be found HERE.


General features of Docter Basic 2.5-10x50 scopes


    Available reticles in Docter Basic 2.5-10x50 telescopic sight


    Instruction manuals for Docter Docter Basic 2.5-10x50 Rifle Scope


    Mounting of Docter Basic 2.5-10x50 Rifle Scope


    To mount Docter Basic 2.5-10x50 scope on a rifle a pair of 30 mm mounting rings is needed.

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    Docter Basic 2.5-10x50 Specifications

    Riflescopes seriesDOCTER Basic
    Variable magnificationYes
    Minimal magnification2.5x
    Maximal magnification10x
    Lens diameter50 mm
    Min. exit pupil diameter4.9 mm
    Max. exit pupil diameter15 mm
    Min. eye relief
    Max. eye relief (mm)
    Minimal field of view4.2 m/100m
    Maximum field of view11.3 m/100m
    Twilight Factor7.1 - 21.9
    Light transmission>92%
    Reticle position1. & 2. focal plane
    Reticle illuminationYes
    Illumination colorRed
    Adjustment per click1cm/100m - 0.1mrad
    Elevation1.2 m/100m
    Turret TypeCapped
    Elevation Per Turn2.5 MRAD - 25 cm
    Nr. Turret TurnsMT - Multi Turn
    Turret rotation directionCW
    Day time usable illuminationYes
    Parallax setting100 m
    Parallax adjustmentNo
    Parallax adj. range
    Diopter range+2.5 / -2.5 dpt
    Fast focus eyepieceYes
    Lens coatingFully Multicoated
    Built-in rangefinderNo
    Temperature range
    Filled withNitrogen
    Length345 mm
    Tube diameter30 mm
    Objective diameter56 mm
    Eyepiece diameter41 mm
    Mount length141 mm
    Mount railNo
    Weight640 g
    In production since
    Warranty30 years
    Made inGermany
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