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Kowa Binoculars

Kowa company was founded in 1894 as cotton cloth wholesaler in Japan, that branched out into the industry and chemical field in 1945, in 1946 in optics and year later in pharmaceutical field. With more than 120 years of experience, the Kowa Company Ltd. provides various services and products in textiles, machinery, construction materials, medicines, medical equipment, energy saving products and optics. Kowa Optical Products Co., Ltd. subsidiary offers binoculars, spotting scopes, sightseeing binoculars and provide the biggest assortment for digiscoping. Kowa integrated high-quality optics and incredible technology, well known since 1980 when company became a brand well known in the west. They pride themselves in creating the custom Prominar fluorite crystal lenses for the highest levels of optical performance for hunters, stargazers and are the most used by bird watchers.


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Kowa BD 8x25

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Kowa BD 10x25


Kowa BD 8x32


Kowa BD 10x32


Kowa SV 8x32


Kowa SV 10x32


Kowa Genesis/XD 8x33


Kowa Genesis/XD 10x33


Kowa SV 8x42

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Kowa SV 10x42


Kowa BD 8x42 XD Prominar


Kowa BD 10x42 XD Prominar


Kowa Genesis/XD 8.5x44


Kowa Genesis/XD 10.5x44


Kowa SV 10x50


Kowa SV 12x50

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