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Vortex Razor HD Gen II 3-18x50

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Vortex Razor HD Gen II 3-18x50 Details

Description of Vortex Razor HD gen. II 3-18x50

The Vortex Razor HD Gen. II 3-18x50 is a great scope for any medium range shooting. The minimum magnification at x3 make it useful even at shorter distances, while the x18 maximum magnification enables you to take a shot on all but the furthest ranges. The fact that it has a FFP reticle with all subtensions that will stay true at any magnification, making calculating adaptations fast and easy with the EBR-2C reticle. The scope comes with open/tactical turrets for fast dialing, but they do have the locking option to prevent movement when handling the firearm. It also has a side turret for parallaxes setting, with the capability to set it from 23 meters to infinite, to get that perfect view.


Advanced Features

The scope’s tube is made out of a single piece of aluminum, hard anodized to protect the scope from both mechanical and environmental damage. These scopes are made for durability and will last a lifetime and has a 30 year warranty. The tube is filled with Argon to prevent internal fogging. The outer surfaces of the lenses are coated multiple times with ArmorTek coating to prevent stains, scratches and to repel water, dust and oil. It will also prevent fingerprint stains on the lenses. Tactical L-Tec turret for elevation has 10 mrad of travel in one turn and has a total travel of three turns. On the turret housing a turn indicator is located, where the shooter can always see or feels in which turn the elevation turret is. Optical construction in these scopes is really advanced and incorporates cutting edge technologies like Apochromatic lenses and optimized indexed lenses for perfect color rendering and superb resolution. All lens surfaces are Fully Multi-Coated with XR-Plus modern coatings so that light transmission through the scope is on an exceptional high level. L-Tec turrets are designed to enable Micro Adjust Zero Setting between clicks when setting zero for enhanced accuracy.


Reticle Illumination

The reticle illumination can be regulated in 10 intensity levels to enhance your shooting even in dim light. This should not be a problem in the first place as the 50mm lens lets an abundance of light to pass the scope. To prevent battery exhaustion, the scope also has the auto off ability. The reticle also has a bullet drop compensation system that is true at any magnification as it is positioned on the FFP. The reticle and its subtensions also always stay matched with click value, which always stays true in both MIL/MIL and MOA/MOA relation.


Configuration Options

The scope has the EBR-2C reticle that can come in either Mil (0,1 mrad per click) or MOA (1/4 MOA per click) options. The scope also comes with a side turret for parallaxes setting from 23m to inf. The turrets can be reset and they include the zero stop innovative system for easily returning back to zero after some adjustments.


Warranty Information

All Vortex scopes come with a VIP warranty, which means that if anything goes wrong the Company will cover your scope. Your scope will be either repaired or replaced if it becomes defective, without any costs for you. You can also read more about our warranty policy here LINK.


Mounting Options

The Vortex Razor HD in 3-18x50 has a 34mm central tube and need appropriate rings for mounting.

Vortex Razor HD Gen II 3-18x50 Specifications

Riflescopes seriesVortex Razor HD (Gen II)
Variable magnification Yes
Minimal magnification3x
Maximal magnification18x
Lens diameter. 50mm
Min. exit pupil diameter2.8 mm
Max. exit pupil diameter 16.7 mm
Min. eye relief 94 mm
Max. eye relief (mm)94 mm
Minimal field of view2.1 m / 100 m
Maximum field of view 12.6 m / 100 m
Twilight Factor
Light transmission
Reticle position 1. focal plane - FFP
Reticle illumination Yes
Illumination color Red
Adjustment per click 1cm/100m - 0.1mrad
Elevation 34 MRAD (340 cm)
Windage No
Turret Type Tactical - lockable
Elevation Per Turn 10 MRAD (100 cm)
Nr. Turret Turns MT - Multi Turn
Turret rotation directionCCW
Day time usable illumination No
Auto-TurnOff Yes
Parallax setting
Parallax adjustment Yes - side focus
Parallax adj. range 23 m - inf.
Diopter range
Fast focus eyepiece Yes
Lens coating Fully Multicoated
Waterproof Yes
Fogproof Yes
Built-in rangefinderNo
Temperature range
Filled with Argon
Length366 mm
Tube diameter 34 mm
Objective diameter 58.9 mm
Eyepiece diameter 46.0 mm
Mount length 155 mm
Mount rail No
Weight1318 g
In production since2014
Warranty30 years
Made inJapan
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