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Vortex Diamondback 2-7x35

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Vortex Diamondback 2-7x35 Details

The Diamondback 2-7x35 is the perfect option for hunters that live and hunt on a versatile terrain, as it enables both bush hunting with its low minimum magnification of 2x and medium or even longer distance shots on open grounds with the 7x maximum magnification. The reticle is set at SFP for faster target choice. Its 35mm lens will let in good light, but without a larger lens or reticle illumination, it’s not made for dusk hunting. The image itself though is crystal clear and crisp and the scope does brandish a fast focus eyepiece, and with the quite fine cross-hairs, it will be no problem to hit the mark at longer distances with the right choice of reticle.

As all Diamondbacks, it’s a very robust, compact and affordable scope. It will fit perfectly on any gun and will withstand the blowback of any caliber. The 2-7x is a good choice to put on any centerfire rifle to pull of short or medium distance shots with ease.


Advanced Features

The single piece, aircraft aluminum tube will withstand the kick of any caliber, and is made for durability. It’s hard anodized for protection against the elements. The anodizing is made in matte finish to prevent light reflection for better concealment of the shooter. The lenses are multi-coated to prevent scratches, fingerprints and stains and the coating will repel water and grease drops as well. The whole scope is sealed and watertight, and the Argon purging of the interior will prevent any fogging on the internal lenses.


Reticle Illumination

The Diamondback series of scopes does not come with reticle illumination. They are made for hunting and shooting at daylight and the reticle options are chosen with that in mind. The scopes are made with rather large exit lenses in regards to the magnification options, which will let in enough light for comfortable shooting at any distance with the right scope option.


Configuration Options

This turrets come with caps for extra protection while on the move. They are easily re-indexed and resettable. The parallax is fixed, at 91 meters.

The scope comes in two reticle variants, wither the crude yet simple and fine V-Plex cross-hairs or the plain Dead-hold BDC that eliminates guessing and enables simple and quick correction of shot placement. In either case, the turrets have ¼ MOA adjustment graduation and have an impressive 100 MOA travel with both windage and elevation.


Warranty Information

All Vortex scopes come with a VIP warranty, which means that if anything goes wrong the Company will cover your scope. Your scope will be either repaired or replaced if it becomes defective, without any costs for you. You can also read more about our warranty policy here


Mounting Options

The Vortex Diamondback 2-7x35 has a 25,4mm central tube and need appropriate rings for mounting.




Vortex Diamondback 2-7x35 Specifications

Rifle scopes seriesVortex Diamondback
Made inPhilippines
In production since
Warranty10 years
Variable magnification Yes
Min. magnification.2.23x
Max. magnification.7.79x
Diopter adjustment
Lens size diameter. 35 mm
Minimal exit pupil.5 mm
Maximal exit pupil.19.5 mm
Minimal field of view.7.12m/100m
Maximal field of view.23.81m/100m
Minimal eye relief.84mm
Maximal eye relief.89mm
Twilight Factor
Light transmittance
Fast focus eyepiece type Yes
Click Value 7mm/100m - 1/4MOA
Type of Turret Capped
Locking turretsNo
Number of Turret Turns MT - Multi Turn
Direction of turret rotationNo
Elevation - mrad. 32.43mrad
Elevation - MOA.100MOA
Windage - mrad. 32.43mrad
Windage - MOA.100MOA
Elevation in each turn 15 MOA - 43.5 cm
Reticle position 2. focal plane - SFP
Reticle illumination No
Illumination color -
Usable at daytime No
Automatic Turn Off No
Size of Dot.0MOA
Parallax setting 90m
Parallax adj. No
Parallax adustment range
Length.295 mm
Working temperature range
Power Supply UnitNo
Filled with Argon
Lens coatings Multicoated
Tube size/diameter 25.4 mm
Mounting rail.No
Scope Rail StandardNo
Type of mount rail No
Mount length.130mm
Objective size diameter 43.2 mm
Eyepiece size diameter 40.6 mm
Mounting StandardNo
Water proof Yes
Fogproof Yes
Shock proofYes
Built in Range finderNo


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Reviews & Testimonials

Reviews for Vortex Diamondback 2-7x35

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Excellent and affordable riflescope for short to medium distances By
This is the second Vortex riflescope that I have (first one is PST 4-16x50 which I use for LR hunting). I've tested it extensively (turret click accuracy, repeatability and square test, zero holding, overall turret travel, MOA value of BDC reticle, true value of field of view...) and everything work like you can wish, exactly like stated in manufacturing specification (except overall elevation travel which is actually 5 MOA more, another big plus in LR optics field for example). Optics is solid, small and light in the same time, have fast eye piece, short eye relief - which I prefer with optics for driven hunts despite of high recoiling calibers... it has the same field of view like most Europe manuf. 1.5-6x42, I can say it has the same “wide” picture (it’s subjective opinion, but definitely it’s far away from “tunneling” of some other US riflescope brands much higher prices than Vortex). At the end, glass quality is 2x higher than price suggest. Also had chance to play with 3-9x40 and 4-12x40 and can say that highly recommend all Diamondback series. Also praise for OpticsTrade, high service level and really fair price for all Europe.

(Posted on 17/09/2015)

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