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Leica PRS 5-30x56i

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Leica PRS 5-30x56i Details

  • Leica PRS riflescope is an incredible optic that offers superior performance in a variety of settings, making it a great choice for precision shooters.
  • Leica PRS 5-30x56i riflescope features a hard zero stop with tool-free activation.
  • The Leica PRS riflescope offers a wide field of view with no keyhole effect, making it easy to track targets.
  • The Leica PRS 5-30x56i riflescope illumination system has 10 intensity levels.

Leica PRS

For now, this is a single-scope series. Leica PRS 5-30x56i is the company's first foray into the world of tactical scopes. This scope is entirely different, a specialist scope for PRS competitions in the USA. Through the early design stage and final touches, Leica sought advice from pro-PRS shooters. Leica's collaborative approach with its target audience paid off handsomely.

Physical Properties

Leica PRS 5-30x56i riflescope is shockproof and waterproof. Nitrogen purging technology all but eliminates fogging of the lens. The lenses also have a great fit and finish, with AquaDura varnish that repels waterdrops and protects against dirt particles, mild scratches, and abrasions.

Leica PRS 5-30x56i has an adjustable parallax. This feature is located on the side turret that is very stiff to maneuver. It's also where you'll find the illumination dial. Note that the adjustment is mostly intuitive as the only distances marked on the turret are 20m, 100m, and infinity.

These multi-turn turrets move audibly, with a clear distinction between clicks. The maximum elevation possible is 33 MIL, which the user reaches in 3 turns. Compared to elevation, the windage turret is more limited - it can travel 18 MILs max, and returnable to zero.

Leica PRS 5-30x56i riflescope features a hard zero stop with tool-free activation. This allows the user to set the positive mechanical stopping point without the use of any tools. A small U-shaped handle is seamlessly incorporated into the top of the turret, and the user simply has to pull it up and they'll be able to remove the turret by twisting this handle in the clockwise direction. Once the turret is open, the zero can be set. The simple, tool-free activation of zero stop is just another example of Leica's innovative design.

There is no mechanical turn indicator. Instead of a protruding pin, the middle part of the elevation turret juts out more and more with each turret revolution.Leica devices always perform in terms of image quality and reliable construction.

The length of the model is approximately 36 centimeters and the weight is 1.1 kilograms.

Optical Properties

The magnification range of 5-30x enables you to zoom in by 6x.

Even at the highest image enlargement, there is no tunnel effect with Leica PRS whatsoever. The field of view is 8.2 meters per 100 meters at the lowest magnification power, which is really good. When dialed all the way to 30x, the FOV is 1.3m/100m.

Leica PRS 5-30x56i riflescope has three reticle designs available, all of which are configured in the first focal plane. The first reticle design is the Leica L-4a, which is a well-liked design that is normally configured in the second focal plane. The Ballistic reticle is popular due to its helpful holdover lines, while the PRB reticle is brand new and exciting, created in collaboration with PRS shooters. The most crucial feature of the PRB reticle is the blank circle at the center, which allows the user to achieve desired shot placement and faster target acquisition.

What's in the Box?

  1. 3" sunshade
  2. Leica throw lever
  3. lens cleaning cloth
  4. hexagonal tool
  5. plastic lens caps
  6. factory quality-check certificate


10-year extended guarantee for the optics and housing of the Leica PRS 5-30x56i riflescope is included and a 2-year warranty for the electronic parts.

Leica PRS 5-30x56i Specifications

Rifle scopes seriesLeica PRS
Made inGermany
In production since2020
Warranty10 years
Variable magnification Yes
Min. magnification.5x
Max. magnification.30x
Diopter adjustment –3/+1
Lens size diameter. 56 mm
Minimal exit pupil.2 mm
Maximal exit pupil.9 mm
Minimal field of view.1.3m/100m
Maximal field of view.8.2m/100m
Minimal eye relief.0mm
Maximal eye relief.90mm
Twilight Factor 16.7 - 40.9
Light transmittance > 90%
Fast focus eyepiece type Yes
Type of Turret Tactical
Locking turretsNo
Number of Turret Turns MT - Multi Turn
Direction of turret rotationCCW
Elevation - mrad. 32mrad
Elevation - MOA.110MOA
Windage - mrad. 18mrad
Windage - MOA.62MOA
Elevation in each turn
Reticle position 1. focal plane - FFP
Reticle illumination Yes
Illumination color Red
Usable at daytime Yes
Automatic Turn Off No
Size of Dot.0MOA
Parallax setting Adjustable
Parallax adj. Yes - side focus
Parallax adustment range 20 m to infinity
Length.365 mm
Working temperature range-
Power Supply UnitCR2032
Filled with Nitrogen
Lens coatings AquaDura
Tube size/diameter 34 mm
Mounting rail.No
Scope Rail StandardNo
Type of mount rail No
Mount length.162mm
Objective size diameter 65
Eyepiece size diameter 44
Mounting StandardNo
Water proof Yes
Fogproof Yes
Shock proofYes
Built in Range finderNo


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