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Trijicon MRO Red Dot Sight

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Trijicon MRO Red Dot Sight Details

Trijicon MRO Red Dot Sight

Trijicon MRO Red Dot Sight Specifications

Dot sight seriesTrijicon MRO
Made inUSA
In production since-
Warranty5 years
Click Value 14mm/100m - 1/2MOA
Windage - mrad. 21mrad
Windage - MOA.73MOA
Reticle position 2. focal plane - SFP
Reticle illumination Yes
Illumination color Red
Usable at daytime Yes
Automatic Turn Off No
Size of Dot.2MOA
Adju. intensityYes, manual
Intensity controlRotary Dial Switch
Parallax setting Free of Parallax
Length.66 mm
Width.43 mm
Height.51 mm
Working temperature range-
Power Supply UnitCR2032
Battery lifespan.5h
Filled with Nitrogen
Lens coatings Fully Multicoated
Tube size/diameter -
FootprintTrijicon MRO standard
Mounting StandardTrijicon MRO
Mount type - IntegratedNo
Mount length.38mm
Size of window-
Dot Sight TypeSmall tube sight
Water proof Yes
Fogproof Yes
Shock proofYes


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Reviews & Testimonials

Reviews for Trijicon MRO Red Dot Sight

2 reviews
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Rugged RDS That Does What It Should By
I've run an MRO on 5.5" and 9" piston pistols for a couple years, and used various Eotech holo's and Aimpoint RDS's professionally. For my money, I prefer the MRO, although I would say the relative pros and cons between the MRO and those brands offerings is negligible.

Pros: Durability, sight picture, and size. Moving from a 20mm objective (such as on Aimpoint Micro series), to a 25mm is noticeable and does not make me want to go back. I prefer the 2 MOA dot to the Eotech circle-dot, but that's purely subjective. Train with what you like and stick with it. I've run the MRO in absolute co-witness and low configurations (on guns with greater height over bore) and found to be comfortable in either and that it holds a zero after remounting with a quality QD base. Lower NV settings are effective with weapon and helmeted mounted NODs.

Cons: The glass is ever so slightly darker than higher-end Aimpoints. Lots of folks complain about parallax, and while I won't dispute that the MRO does leave something to be desired here, its really not an issue for CQ engagement with adequate training. It is finicky with magnifiers. I found that a $90 Chinese 3x worked better than a $350 Eotech; actual results may vary. If you're dead-set on always running a magnifier, an Eotech may be a better option.

(Posted on 18/01/2023)

Relic of the past By
Durable optic that in 2022 terms gets beaten left and right by the ever expanding red dot sight market. This is a no nonsense kind of a sight, you turn the big knob to make it go brighter or dimmer.

+Proven to be durable and reliable over the years
+Sight picture. Does not have that looking through a long toilet paper roll feeling. Doing more slow paced shooting you will appreciate the view.
+No edge warping/distortion

-Class tint and dot clarity(This is non HD model). Worse tint than any other red dot sight I have looked through. Dot has a starburst effect even without astigmatism(On other red dots I do not see same kind of starburst)
-Features. This doesn't have even 1/3 of the features you can have buying a red dot half the price of this sight.
-Weight. It's about 25% heavier than the other 20mm lens red dots.
-Overall the MRO base model can't compete on the 2022 red dot market. You can have 3 holosun sights with the price of one HD model and the holosuns would still have more features than the HD model.

(Posted on 11/10/2022)

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