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G-line smart scope adapter

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G-line smart scope adapter Details



G-line smart scope adapter enables you to view and capture the most exciting moment while hunting, shooting on targets or during an airsoft game. The basic principle of G-Line smart scope adapter is that you can connect your smartphone and your rifle scope. With smartphone in perfect position you are then able to take pictures or video during aiming and shooting. With just a little bit of imagination the possibilities with this riflescope adapter are endless and you are able to create viral content for social networks, YouTube or other media channels.

Use of G-line smart scope adapter can be described with three words: quick, silent and simple. Attachment of the adapter on the rifle scope is very quick and easy. Placing a smartphone on the G-line plate is also quick and secure. It doesn’t leave any marks on the phone and it is secure enough even to hold .50 BMG recoil (take a look at our videos).


Suitable Rifle Scopes for G-line scope adapter


G-line smart scope adapter can be mounted on any riflescope with an eye-piece diameter from 38 mm to 43 mm. It also enables placing a phone on eye-relief distance from 65 mm up to 100 mm. This basically means that you can use the G-line scope adapter on almost any rifle scope currently available on the market.


Suitable Smart Phones for G-line scope adapter


At the moment there are 18 different phone plates produced for the G-line scope adapter which are suitable for the following smart phones.


  • - iPhone 5/5s
  • - iPhone 4/4s
  • - iPhone 5c
  • - iPhone 6
  • - iPhone 6 plus
  • - Samsung Galaxy S4
  • - Samsung Galaxy S4 mini
  • - Samsung Galaxy S5
  • - Samsung Galaxy S3
  • - Samsung Galaxy S3 mini
  • - Samsung Galaxy S2
  • - Samsung Galaxy Note 2
  • - Samsung Galaxy Note3
  • - Samsung Galaxy Core i8260
  • - Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2
  • - Sony Xperia Z1
  • - Sony Xperia Z1 compact
  • - Sony Xperia C6603
  • - LG G2 HTC
  • - HTC One 2013


In the future more of these plates will be produced so that as many popular phones as possible will be usable on G-line scope adapter. So when you will change the phone you will only need to change the phone plate and not the entire adapter.


G-line adapter and social networks


Nature of G-line adapter is closely tied with the use of social networks like YouTube, Facebook, Google plus and others. Photos and videos made with G-line adapter are meant for sharing on social networks and can even go viral if you have good enough imagination. You can find G-line adapter on the following social communities.



- Facebook group of G-line adapter users

- Google+ G-line adapter users community

- Flikr galery

- Youtube


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G-line smart scope adapter Specifications

Accessories seriesNo
Accessories forRiflescopes, Spotting Scopes
MaterialAlu Alloy
Warranty2 years
Made inSlovenia
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