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    Dinpal Sport Optics

    Dinpal is an Italian company that has been in business since 2001. They specialize in the processing of metals, mainly Aluminium, Steel and Titanium. They manufacture medical instruments, parts for machines, and similar. Recently, they expanded their offer with rifle mounts. None of the company’s leading personnel have experience with hunting and shooting, but they do have vast experience in the processing of metals – they have decided to manufacture mounts of Titanium, something that no other mount manufacturer has (successfully) done before. The result is a unique mounting solution, high in quality and surprisingly elegant. The frame of the rings is only 0.3 mm thick, making them almost invisible when mounted, especially when they are of the same colour as the riflescope’s tube. We believe Dinpal to be an incredibly innovative company with huge potential.


    Dinpal Mounts Series

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