Where are Vanguard Binoculars Made?


Vanguard is an award-winning, globally-recognized brand of premium sporting optics, which mainly include binoculars, riflescopes, and spotting scopes for hunting and nature observation. In addition to optical products, the company also offers high-quality accessories for photography, videography, and optical equipment, such as camera backpacks, tripods, monopods, ball heads, and carrying cases for delicate optical equipment.

Where are Vanguard Binoculars Made?

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The company was established in 1986 and was initially deemed as a small-time manufacturer of tripods for cameras. In its initial years, it only produced a handful of tripod models, and many industry experts of the time thought it would not survive the highly competitive market. Vanguard’s offices were first opened in Michigan, USA in 1990, and the products were shipped out of factories in China. The years from the 1900s to the 2000s are the years of the company’s several milestones as that is when Vanguard was beginning to become one of the largest manufacturers of camera tripods in the world. After the commercial success of tripods, Vanguard eventually entered the sports optics market in 2007.

Market Position

For the past 34 years, Vanguard products have secured a substantial international following, thanks to a well-balanced mix of sophisticated features and competitive prices, which is certainly difficult to find in other high-end brands these days. For its binoculars, the company has received several international awards regarding optical design and performance over the years, which is one of the reasons behind its large customer-following, especially with adventurous hunters, bird watchers, and nature enthusiasts. Vanguard products are currently sold in more than 76 countries worldwide.

Where are Vanguard Binoculars Made?

Source: Vanguard


While the company enjoys a presence in 17 countries, the headquarters of Vanguard is located in Guangdong, China. Unlike most sporting optics brands, the company believes in total product ownership and retains complete rights to all of its products. All Vanguard products are manufactured in their own production location in China, where a workforce of over 1,000 employees makes use of high-tech equipment. From a concept to the final product, every single step is taken by the R&D, manufacturing, quality control, marketing, and sales teams at the company’s own production facilities. By eliminating the “middle man” and carrying out all operations in-house, the company is able to maintain a constant focus on quality, which is of utmost importance to the team behind Vanguard.


Made in China

All models of Vanguard binoculars are manufactured in China.

  • Endeavour ED

Endeavour ED is a series of top-of-the-line binoculars from Vanguard that is equipped with several high-quality features to turn your hunting, bird watching, camping, or hiking trips with friends and family into a fun-filled experience. Whether there is plenty of light or a situation with low lighting, Endeavour binoculars produce bright images with excellent colours, thanks to premium ED lenses with Vanguard’s Advanced Multiguard® multi-coating and P2 phase-coated BAK4 roof prisms.

Where are Vanguard Binoculars Made?

Vanguard Edevour ED 10×42 Realtree (Source: Vanguard)

The series comes in an open-bridge hinge design with a large center-focus wheel that allows the device to be comfortably carried and used with one hand. The housing includes a resilient Magnesium-alloy housing, rubber armour, and Nitrogen-charged waterproofing, which provides the right confidence to unleash the potential of the series in the toughest of situations. Endeavour ED is available in 10×42, 8×42, 10×32, and 8×32 configurations. The packaging includes a neck strap, a carrying case, and a lens caps.

  • Endeavour ED II

Unveiled in 2014, the high-end Endeavour ED II model offers a series of outstanding features to satisfy all of your outdoor needs. Equipped with superior Japanese Hoya ED glass with full multi-coating, and phase-corrected, Schmidt-Pechan, Bak4 roof prisms, the ED II range creates high-resolution visuals of faraway objects with excellent colour reproduction and minimal chromatic aberration. To make your experience even better, the device sports an ergonomic open-bridge hinge design that provides a rigid wrap-around grip even with one hand. The series comes with rubber armour, Nitrogen-filled waterproofing, and a lightweight yet durable Magnesium-alloy construction for added protection in demanding situations. An ergonomic center focus knob, lockable dioptre, and 3-step adjustable eyecups are some other specs of the series.

Endeavour ED II is available in 10×42, 8×32, and 10×32 variants. All binoculars come bundled with a protective case, a neck strap, and a lens caps.

  • Endeavour ED IV

Endeavour ED IV is the latest addition to Vanguard’s Endeavour line-up, which is crafted for a range of exciting activities, such as hunting, birding, wildlife observation, and hiking. Instead of conventional Bak4 prisms, the ED IV series is equipped with sophisticated SK-15 prisms that create images of unparalleled quality with captivating details that will take you to another world. The cutting-edge prisms are paired with multi-coated Japanese Hoya ED glass lenses that reduce chromatic aberration and ensure up to 92% light transmittance. The housing features 3-stage adjustable eyecups, a lockable dioptre knob, center focus, and an ergonomic open-bridge hinge design. A combination of Magnesium-alloy body, rubber armour, and Nitrogen-purged waterproofing ensures that the device performs uniformly in extreme weather conditions.

The series is available in 8×32 and 10×42 variants. The packaging includes a neck strap, carrying case, and lens caps.

  • Veo ED

The standard-sized Veo ED series is intended for a range of outdoor settings, especially birding, camping, and nature sightseeing. Instead of conventional metals, the housing of Veo ED is made out of lightweight carbon-fiber-composite material and covered with high-quality Mitsubishi rubber amour for a non-slip grip and protection against accidental falls. The series is packed with multi-coated ED glass lenses and BaK4 roof prisms with phase correction coating, which cumulatively generates bright, colourful, and highly-vivid images with negligible chromatic aberration. Additionally, Veo ED comes with a conveniently-placed center-focus knob, 3-step multiple-positioned eyecups, and 100% Nitrogen-filled waterproofing.

Where are Vanguard Binoculars Made?

Vanguard Veo HD 1042 10×42 (Source: Vanguard)

The Veo ED is available in 10×42 and 8×42 models and comes packaged with a protective case, neck strap, and lens caps.

  • Veo HD2

The Veo HD2 is a high-definition equivalent of the Veo ED binoculars, which comes equipped with Japanese Hoya ED glass lenses with Vanguard’s anti-reflective Multiguard coating. Whether you are looking for a set of binoculars for sports, bird watching, or general sightseeing, the high optical performance of Veo HD2 would suffice for all of your outdoor needs. Paired with ED lenses are phase-coated Bak4 roof prisms that are known for improved light transmittance. The housing uses a carbon-fiber infused composite for reducing the overall weight, while a rubber armour protects the in demanding situations. Other features include a large center-focus knob, open-bridge hinge design, 3-step adjustable eyecups, and Nitrogen-purged waterproofing.

Where are Vanguard Binoculars Made?

Vanguard Veo ED 8420 8×42 (Source: Vanguard)

The Veo HD2 is available in standard 10×42 and 8×42 sizes. The accessories include a carrying case and neck strap.

  • Spirit XF

The mid-range Spirit XF from Vanguard features an all-rounder device that is intended for multiple activities, especially hunting, bird watching, camping, and sightseeing. Despite a lower price, the Spirit XF is fitted with several outstanding features, such as fully multi-coated lenses and BaK4 roof prisms, which produce high-resolution images with vivid details and true-colour reproduction. Additionally, a non-slip armoured-rubber coating and 100% Nitrogen-purged waterproofing ensure that the device remains highly functional even in extreme situations. Multi-positioned eyecups, a center focus mechanism, long eye relief, and lightweight construction are some other features, which make Spirit XF a stellar choice for all occasions.

Where are Vanguard Binoculars Made?

Vanguard Spirit XF 8×42 (Source: Vanguard)

Currently, only two standard-sized models are available: 10×42 and 8×42.

For those of you who are cautious about pricing and are looking for a combination of basic features and quality, the lightweight-yet-durable Vesta series is the right set of binoculars for you. The European-styled Vesta binoculars produce high-resolution images and are perfect for hiking, camping, and traveling, thanks to Multiguard multi-coated optical glass lenses and phase-corrected Bak4 roof prisms. Furthermore, the series comes with protective rubber armour, adjustable-lockable rubber eyecups, Nitrogen fog and waterproofing, and an ergonomically large center-focus knob.

Where are Vanguard Binoculars Made?

Vanguard Vesta 8×42 (Source: Vanguard)

With a lifetime warranty, the Vesta series is available in 10×42, 8×42, 10×25, and 8×25 variants. Box includes a soft carrying case and lens caps.

  • Vesta Compact 21

Vesta Compact is the pocket-sized equivalent of the original Vesta series with many of the same exciting features. Available in four personable colours, these binoculars are designed to accompany you everywhere without the need for special bags, since they can be carried in jacket pockets. The main features of the series include a durable-yet-lightweight Aluminum-alloy body, multi-coated lenses, phase-coated roof prisms, a center-focus wheel, and adjustable-lockable eyecups. If you are looking for excellent value along with compact and stylish packaging, this is the device for you.

Where are Vanguard Binoculars Made?

Vanguard Vesta Compact 21 8×12 (Source: Vanguard)

Vesta Compact is available in 10×21 and 8×21 configurations, and the box comes with a carrying pouch, neck strap, and lens caps.

  • Orros

Vanguard Orros is a range of entry-level binoculars that are made of 100% waterproof housing in a lightweight, compact, and rubber-coated armour. The stylish Orros binoculars are one of the best deals for all outdoor enthusiasts who are on a lookout for a durable and long-lasting device but on a budget. Even in compact packaging, the device is packed with several high-tech features, such as multi-coated lenses, phase-coated BaK4 roof prisms, central focus mechanism, adjustable eyecups, rubber armour, and a unique offset-hinge that limits the device to occupy a minute space when stored. This way, most users will not feel the need to carry a special bag for Orros.

Where are Vanguard Binoculars Made?

Vanguard Orros 10×25 (Source: Vanguard)

Vanguard Orros comes in 10×25 and 8×25 configurations. Packaging includes a carrying pouch, neck strap, and lens caps.


Vanguard is a well-known manufacturer of sports optics and accessories for photography and videography equipment. The company is internationally famous and its products are sold in more than 76 countries, for which the credit goes to outlets and offices in over 17 countries worldwide. In the age of outsourcing, the management at Vanguard has kept the manufacturing of all products (including binoculars) in China, where production costs are significantly lower. This allows the products to be reasonably priced, and therefore, affordable to more people, which is one of the reasons behind the persistent growth of the company.

Where are Vanguard Binoculars Made?
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Where are Vanguard Binoculars Made?
Vanguard is an award-winning brand of premium binoculars. Vanguard has kept the manufacturing binoculars in China to keep the prices reasonable.
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