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Smartclip PCM Converter | Optics Trade Debates

Welcome to Optics Trade debates. In each episode, we talk about a different topic and try to answer the most common questions we receive about it. Today, we are going to talk about the Smartclip PCM converter.

A new trend started about a decade ago. People were beginning to use their clip-on devices on their normal rifle scopes so that they could use them at night. The first widely available device in this category was the Dedal. It featured a 52mm thread, so a lot of producers started making adapters which connected the 52mm thread with the riflescope.

A couple of years after the Dedal was introduced, Pulsar made their first digital clip-on devices, the DFA75, and the DN55. They came with a bayonet mounting system which was later used on all Pulsar clip-on devices.

Pulsar is producing their own regional adapters, which are meant to be left on the scope. A lot of people dislike this approach, so aftermarket options became available.

A few producers started to produce converters, which converted the bayonet system into the 52 mm thread. The thread could be used on all adapters made for the Dedal clip-on device. These adapters are less bulky and more elegant.

There are also some manufacturers that produce direct adapters which are better made, less clumsy and more aesthetically pleasing, compared to the adapters from Pulsar.

After a lot of use on large caliber guns, the bayonet adapter can get some wear. That can result in some play between the adapter and the bayonet. It does not affect the accuracy of the device but the device is not as stable as one would desire.

One partial solution was to feature a spring in the adapter, which aligned the devices.

The Smartclip PCM converter solved this problem. The converter has two parts inside of it, which clamp to the bayonet. It works in the same way as the Rusan converter, but it's screwed in with two screws and is completely fixed to the Pulsar.

An advantage of using converters is that they are able to be used with all of the adapter sizes, so it will fit on any size of the objective bell.

Pulsar acknowledged this problem and their new devices have a different bayonet mount that has four pins. Smartclip has a converter in development for the new Pulsar models. These converters probably won't be as popular or as needed in the future because of the new 4 clip system.

The Smartclip PCM converter is priced at about 90 €.

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