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Pard FD1 Digital Night Vision Clip-On

With its beginnings reaching back to 2010, the PARD company has steadily captured our attention as it evolved. Over the years, they have expanded and refined their lineup of night vision and thermal imaging devices, earning a well-deserved international reputation in the process. At IWA 2024, we made sure to stop by their booth to check out their latest products. Among various new items, the Pard FD1 Digital Night Vision Clip-On caught our attention. Andraž from our marketing team talked to PARD staff to learn more about the device.

Pard FD1 Specifications

Users familiar with PARD products will recall that the company initially introduced rear clip-on systems. The FD1 model is their first front digital night vision attachment, made to turn regular daytime scopes into night vision devices. It has been available for around 7 months, with options to purchase it with or without a laser rangefinder.

Pard FD1 Digital Night Vision Clip-On

The FD1 is equipped with an IR illuminator, available in 850 or 940 nm and three intensity levels. It has a high-resolution CMOS sensor with 1920 x 1080 pixels. The visuals are presented on an OLED display with a resolution of 1440 x 1080 pixels. To accommodate different lighting conditions, the clip-on system offers two picture modes. It operates at a refresh rate of 60 Hz in color day mode and 30 Hz in black and white night mode.

Additionally, there’s a picture-in-picture function to help with quick target identification without losing sight of the broader view, displaying a 2x magnified rectangular area at the top of the screen. Moreover, the visible light enhancement algorithm by PARD really improves image clarity and reduces noise.

Pard FD1 Digital Night Vision Clip-On

The FD1 runs on an 18650 battery, offering up to eight hours of continuous operation. A power bank can also be used to power the device. Additionally, it’s designed to be dust and water-resistant with an IP67 rating and is built to endure impact from all commonly used calibers. The device features a Picatinny rail on its housing, which accommodates a range of attachments.

Pard FD1 Digital Night Vision Clip-On

The device is equipped with smart features, including photo capturing and video recording, saved to the internal storage. The FD1 also has an intelligent recoil detection system that records 10 seconds before and after a shot is fired. It comes with an included adapter along with four polymer inserts. The housing is constructed from durable aluminum alloy, which keeps the clip-on both compact and lightweight, with a total weight of just 328 g.

Final Verdict and Cost

In the box, users will receive the Night Vision Attachment – PARD FD1, an adapter for mounting, one 18650 lithium-ion battery, a USB Type-C charging cable, a bag, and user instructions. What we really like is the device’s lightweight and compact nature, which doesn’t compromise on its quality and gives it a premium feel in hand. It’s great that the adapter and inserts are included. The pricing feels very competitive too, with the LRF model at 699 € and the version without LRF at 599 €. The FD1 will also be covered by PARD’s standard 2-year warranty for night vision devices.

Pard FD1 Digital Night Vision Clip-On

We believe the company has created a competitively priced device that offers a lot of promise and will surely attract the attention of many users. We are looking forward to some future field testing.

Pard FD1 Digital Night Vision Clip-On
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Pard FD1 Digital Night Vision Clip-On
Among various new items, the Pard FD1 Digital Night Vision Clip-On caught our attention.
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