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Pard Predator 640 Thermal Imaging Clip-on

Since their start in 2010, the PARD company has steadily become more noticeable in the world of sports optics. Over the years, they have strengthened their global reputation by adding increasingly improved night vision and thermal imaging products to their range. At this year’s IWA 2024, visiting PARD’s booth was on our agenda to check out their newest products. Among several new introductions, the Pard Predator 640 Thermal Imaging Clip-on was particularly interesting. Andraž from our marketing team got detailed information about the device directly from PARD’s staff.

Pard Predator 640 Technical Specifications

The Predator is a brand-new thermal imaging clip-on system from PARD. In the field of thermal clip-ons, they have already introduced the FT series less than a year ago, which was very well received by users. With the introduction of the Predator, they are enhancing and updating the concept of their thermal devices. The device is somewhat of a prototype, so we had the unique opportunity to get a first look at the IWA fair since details about the device are not yet widely available online.

Pard Predator 640 Thermal Imaging Clip-on

According to what we learned from Jacob, the new Predator features a 640×480 resolution sensor, which is an improvement over the FT series that had a 384×288 sensor. What immediately stood out upon first handling the product was its compact size and simplified controls.

The device comes with just two operation buttons on the top of the housing, conveniently placed for easy reach. One button serves as the standard on/off switch, while the other functions like a joystick, controlling all other features. From our observations and testing on site, we found the operation to be very easy, user-friendly, and quick to become accustomed to.

Pard Predator 640 Thermal Imaging Clip-on

The clip-on also features a larger lens, now 45 mm in diameter compared to the FT’s 35 mm one. Directly above the lens, on the front top end of the device’s body, is a laser rangefinder, which is notably compact and small. At first, it’s quite surprising to see how everything fits into this form factor, with the whole device weighing just slightly over 300 g. The Predator is powered by a removable, rechargeable battery that provides approximately 4 hours of operating time, which we find to be a reasonable estimate given the device’s size. The attachment has undergone rigorous recoil testing, and according to PARD’s official specifications, it is designed to withstand recoil from calibers producing energy of up to 6000 Joules.

Pard Predator 640 Thermal Imaging Clip-on

The company initially introduced only the top-tier model with a 640 resolution sensor. However, shortly, they plan to release a model with a lower sensor resolution of 480×360 pixels as well. The new sensor, developed by PARD, is expected to significantly impact the thermal optics world, acting as a replacement for the standard 380 sensors found in many devices. In essence, PARD is enhancing the term ‘affordable.’

Pard Predator 640 Thermal Imaging Clip-on

We also noticed that the thread used for attaching the device is quite narrow, adding to the overall sturdiness and compactness of the form factor. The thread is another development by PARD and has been slightly modified and improved from their older models. As usual, the device will come with an adapter for mounting, which is standard practice for the company. Jacob mentioned that third-party manufacturers have already received the necessary specifications to produce specific adapters for different individual scope models. The body, made of aluminum alloy, gives a premium feel, and the lower portion of the housing includes an integrated rail for standalone mounting.

Final Thoughts on The Product

As mentioned, the device was presented to us in its prototype form, which means details like price and warranty were still up in the air, and we weren’t able to secure any estimates. Nonetheless, we anticipate that the device will be priced competitively, considering PARD’s reputation for balancing cost and quality well across their product range. What Jacob could share was that the price is expected to be announced around April this year and that the device is likely to come with a 3-year warranty. We’re genuinely excited to see what lies ahead for the Predator and how it will be received in the market.

Pard Predator 640 Thermal Imaging Clip-on
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Pard Predator 640 Thermal Imaging Clip-on
At IWA 2024, we visited PARD's booth to learn about their new Predator 640 thermal clip-on devices.
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