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Leica Calonox 2

Every year, we visit the IWA fair, an event that attracts top players from the firearms, sports optics, and related industries to showcase their latest products. With thousands of people attending, our marketing team works diligently to gather detailed information on the novelties. A must-visit for us is always Leica‘s booth, a company celebrated for its high-quality sports optics and storied heritage. This year, the spotlight was on the Calonox 2, the next generation of their thermal imaging device. This article will delve into its specifications and features. Additionally, we have penned a brief piece on the Geovid Pro AB+ binoculars, which can be found in a separate post on our blog.

The Model Range

Leica has retained the two-model approach for their latest release, offering a handheld version dubbed View and a clip-on option named Sight, mirroring the naming scheme of the initial generation. Each model is available either with or without a laser rangefinder.

Leica Calonox vs Calonox 2

The upgrades in the new models are evident right from their exterior design, boasting a more streamlined look and enhanced elegance.

In the original lineup, the View model featured a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels, contrasted with the Sight model’s 384 x 288 pixels. Leica has standardized the resolution across both second-generation models, now offering a 640 x 480 pixel sensor for each. Furthermore, the capability to capture images and record videos, which was absent in the first-generation Sight model, is now available in its latest version.

Leica Calonox 2 Sight Thermal Device

In contrast to the first generation where a laser rangefinder option was not available, both models in the new lineup can be chosen with or without a laser rangefinder, which has the capability to measure distances up to 1500 meters.

The Calonox 2 devices are designed without a shutter, as Leica has removed the necessity for mechanical shutter closure for image calibration. This task is now managed by software, which prevents image freezing and eliminates noise. Additionally, the software ensures the image quality remains consistently sharp. This advancement marks a significant leap from the first generation and represents a revolutionary development in the field of thermal optics.

Leica Calonox 2 Thermal Device

The first generation of the Sight model utilized the M52x0.75 standard threading, which is widely adopted among clip-on devices. However, if you’re considering an upgrade from the first to the second generation, be aware that the same adapter cannot be reused. The newer Sight model adopts the M43x0.75 standard – Leica had to go for a narrower thread because of the more compact body of the Calonox 2 Sight model.

Leica Calonox 2 Thermal Device

Prices and Availability

The Calonox 2 Sight and View are both priced at 4700 €. Models equipped with the laser rangefinder system cost an additional 1000 €. They officially became available to the general public on 2 April, meaning they are now up for sale. Each purchase comes with a 3-year warranty period. It’s noteworthy that the Calonox 2 is manufactured in Germany, and all outsourced components come from within the EU. For instance, the sensor is produced by the French company Lynred.

Leica Calonox 2
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Leica Calonox 2
This year, one of the highlights at the IWA fair was the Calonox 2, the next generation of Leica's thermal imaging device.
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