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Pulsar Proton FXQ30 vs Pulsar Proton XQ30 | Optics Trade Debates

Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of Optics Trade debates. In the past few months, we received many questions about two Pulsar Proton models. People want to know what's the difference between FXQ30 and XQ30 thermal imagers.

The main difference is in the type of use.

Both models are intended for use as clip-on attachments. The letter "F" in the FXQ30 name stands for front attachment since the user can mount it in front of their riflescope with an adapter. However, Proton FXQ30 doesn't have an eyepiece included.

If you would also like to use your Pulsar as a hand-held scope, you'd better choose XQ30. That one does come with a 5x30 monocular. Please note that this added device versatility means that Proton XQ30 is just a tad more expensive.

FEATURES Proton FXQ30 Proton XQ30
SKU 76653 77378
5X30 Monocular Included NO YES
Price 2.490,00 € cca. 100 EUR more

That's everything for today. Thank you for listening to our debate and we'll see you next time!

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