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InfiRay Iris Thermal Monoculars

This year, we attended the IWA 2024 fair in Nuremberg, Germany, where we had the opportunity to learn more about the latest products from InfiRay. Founded in 2009, InfiRay has grown to become one of the largest manufacturers of thermal optics globally. Among the new additions to their product range were also the InfiRay Iris IL 19 and 35 thermal imaging monoculars. We talked to Quinten to learn more about these latest additions.

InfiRay Iris IL19 and 35 Specifications

The Iris series introduces two new thermal imaging devices from InfiRay – the Iris IL19 and Iris IL35 models. As soon as we handled the devices, it was clear that the build quality was on point and we saw the direction the InfiRay is headed to.

Infiray Iris Thermal Monoculars

Both versions of the Iris series, the IL19 and IL35, feature a sensor with a 384×288 resolution and a 12-micron pixel pitch, delivering an impressive image quality even under challenging conditions such as fog, smog, rain, and through obstacles like branches, tall grass, and dense foliage. Both models boast a NETD under 20 millikelvins, enabling them to differentiate between very small temperature variations.

Infiray Iris Thermal Monoculars

The main differences between the two devices lie in the diameter of the objective lens, their fields of view, and their detection ranges, with the IL19 model capable of detecting up to 1300 m and the IL35 up to 1800 m. The IL19 offers a 2x base magnification, while the IL35 offers a 4x base magnification; both support 4x digital zoom. The imagery is displayed on an AMOLED screen with a resolution of 1024×768. The Iris monoculars are powered by a replaceable 18650 Li-ion battery, providing up to 5 hours of operation time at 22℃.

The Iris series also introduces some thoughtfully designed features. Users can swiftly adjust basic settings for commonly used functions such as image mode, display brightness, and image sharpness through the shortcut menu. Both the IL19 and IL35 models support the PIP (Picture-in-Picture) function, which offers a floating window separate from the full screen. The window displays a portion of the image, magnified to 2x, focused around the reticle’s center of the main image, enhancing the detail and contrast of that specific area.

Infiray Iris Thermal Monoculars

The eyepiece is equipped with a comfortable rubber eyeshade that can be adjusted for user preference. The focus ring, located at the front end, features a rubberized texturized grip and is smooth to operate. On top of the device, four command buttons allow for easy access. Additionally, the body houses a USB type-C port, enabling direct charging of the device or file transfer to a computer.

Infiray Iris Thermal Monoculars

Both the Iris IL19 and IL35 models can connect to the InfiRay Outdoor app via Wi-Fi, supporting video recording and photo taking, with the content stored on the internal 32GB memory. The devices are IP67 rated, ensuring they can endure severe weather conditions, and have an operational temperature range of -20 to +50°C. They weigh just under 330 g with the battery installed. Despite the plastic construction, the housing feels solid and well-assembled in the hand.

Package Contents and Price

Inside the box, users will find the IRIS series Thermal Imaging Monocular accompanied by a portable bag, two 18650 batteries, a battery charger, a data cable, a neck strap, a lens cleaning cloth, and a quick start guide. The models are expected to be available by mid-March 2024, with the IL19 priced at around 1200 € and the IL35 at 1500 €. InfiRay backs the Iris series with a 3-year warranty.

Infiray Iris Thermal Monoculars

We were particularly impressed by the sturdy form factor of the InfiRay Iris IL 19 and 35 models and appreciated that both maintain a NETD under 20 mk. It’s nice to see that InfiRay has made no compromises on such a crucial specification. In the ever-expanding market, with a growing demand for thermal devices, InfiRay is slowly but surely carving out its market share by introducing competitively priced devices that can stand toe-to-toe with competitors like Hikmicro and even Pulsar.

InfiRay Iris Thermal Monoculars
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InfiRay Iris Thermal Monoculars
At IWA 2024, we spoke with Quinten from InfiRay about their latest additions, the InfiRay Iris IL 19 and 35 thermal imaging monoculars.
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