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Pulsar novelties Shot Show 2019

At Shot Show, I visited Pulsar‘s booth, which was bustling with visitors the entire time. Rightly so – this year, as always, Pulsar unveiled products that we have not seen before in the thermal optics segment.

Thermion, the thermal riflescope series, was in the centre of attention. It is a thermal device with the looks of an ordinary riflescope, which is something we haven’t seen before in this field. We have written a separate article about this promising new-comer which can be read here.

Pulsar also chose to upgrade their entry-level thermal monoculars. Quantum Lite was up to now their most affordable thermal imaging monocular. In late April 2019, it is to be replaced with Axion which boasts a better display resolution and is even more lightweight. There is much more to it – for a detailed description, check out our article on Axion.



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