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New ATN BinoX 4T


The ATN BinoX HD binoculars were presented in 2015, and they had the capability of being switched between a daytime mode and a night-vision mode. At Shot Show 2019, ATN presented their new BinoX 4T which are thermal binoculars.

ATN BinoX 4T Thermal binocular with an integrated laser rangefinder


At Shot Show 2019, ATN presented the new BinoX 4T thermal binoculars, but not only one – 6 models at once. The devices differ from each other in the sensor resolution and in the magnification range. The 3 cheaper models have a 384×288 sensor with a 4x magnification range, and the 3 more expensive models a 640×480 sensor with a big 10x magnification range. Whatsoever, they all have the same display resolution with 1280x720x2 pixels.

The sensor works with 60 frames per second, so the user has a nice and smooth picture. The videos you take are automatically saved on the Micro SD card, and thanks to the dual-core processor, you can live stream and simultaneously film a video.

All new BinoX 4T have a built-in laser rangefinder to gain additional advancement during daytime or night-time use. This one is capable of measuring targets up to 1000 yards (910 meters) during the day and in the night. The distance can then be automatically transferred to other ATN SMART HD devices via Bluetooth.

The interpupillary distance is also adjustable, so the BinoX will fit all users. All 6 devices feature an infrared illuminator to help friends with night vision see the target better and faster. Inside the device is a big Li-Ion battery which delivers the energy for more than 16 hours of continuous use. If this isn’t enough, ATN offers an extended life battery kit in a form of a neck strap that includes 10.000 mAh of capacity. With such a capacity, another 15 hours or more are guaranteed.

All ATN BinoX 4T feature many different sensors like 3D Accelerometer, 3D Gyroscope, 3D Magnetometer, E-Barometer, and an E-Compass.

ATN BinoX 4T Thermal binocular with an integrated laser rangefinder


The new thermal binoculars are available in 6 configurations, and the price goes from 2.699$ to 5.699$. They are already available in the US and have a warranty period of 3 years. They are quite heavy with 1.12 kg (2.5 lb), but feature a lot of sensors and also a laser rangefinder.



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