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Leica Trinovid BCA | Optics Trade Debates

Hello and welcome to another Optics Trade Debates video. These debates are currently focused on Leica binoculars. As we move through the series in this category, it’s time to say a few words about the Leica Trinovid BCA series of pocket binoculars.

First, let’s explain what the ‘BCA’ part of the name stands for. The Leica website and sales catalogs all define the meaning of the acronym as ‘small, family-friendly and rubber armoured’. Since the initials and the corresponding word in either English or German language don’t match, the company might use its own catalog coding system.

In practice, that means that they are entry-level pocket-sized binoculars. They bear the famous name Trinovid that has been in use since 1957. Notice that the Trinovid name itself has a bigger and longer history than many of Leica competitors’ entire brands.  

These binoculars have a double-hinged design that makes them easier to fold and literally store in a pocket. There are two models in this line: Leica Trinovid BCA 8×20 and 10×25.

Trinovid BCA models feature the optic compensation on the objective lens. With a single twist, the diopter setting can be adjusted. This is somewhat unusual since most binoculars feature this function on the eyepieces but this pocket-sized series is so small that there is no place for it elsewhere, really. There is also central focusing adjustment possible.

The main characteristic of the series is that the Trinovid BCA models are very compact. The second selling point is an affordable price for premium optical performance. Compare these compact binoculars with those from far less established brands and you’ll find no match. Leica offers superior colour fidelity with a clear and sharp image.

Featuring Roof prisms with P40 phase correction coating and fully multi-coated lenses, the image is pristine with excellent stray light and internal reflections suppression. Of course, Leica Ultravid series of pocket binoculars is even better. The Trinovid BCA series offers HDC (Highly Durable Coating) to prevent scratches but not the more advanced lens coatings like AquaDura.

They are by far the most affordable Leica binoculars but are still compatible with all the accessories that the German company produces. Trinovid BCA models are manufactured in Portugal and come with 5 years of warranty. However, Leica continues to accept and repair its products even after the warranty claims run out.

Trinovid BCA series products are a perfect gift choice and an ideal travel companions as they can be used for general nature observation. They are so compact and light that hikers, trekkers, safarists and even stargazers will find them indispensable on their adventures.

Their practically only downside is that the field of view (113 m/1000m) is not that great. But of course, binoculars that can offer more in this area are also much heavier and bulkier.

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