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Leica Tempus 2 mounting standard

Leica Tempus 2 Footprint

BYAndraž GradišnikAug 2, 2023

Leica Tempus 2 features the Docter/Noblex mounting standard. Dimensions of the Leica Tempus 2 footprint Leica…

Leica Fortis 6 1.8-12x42i L-4a

Leica Introduces Fortis 6 1.8-12x42i L-4a

BYTilenJan 30, 2023

Apart from the new Geovid Pro models, Leica also announced the newest member of its Fortis 6 series: the Leica…

Leica Tempus 2 ASPH (source: Leica)

Leica Tempus 2 ASPH 2.5 MOA

BYAndraž GradišnikJan 27, 2023

Leica Camera AG, based in Wetzlar, Germany, has a long-standing reputation for producing products that excel both in mechanical and…

The New Leica Calonox Sight SE

The New Leica Calonox Sight SE

BYGaber BobekJan 27, 2023

About the Device The Leica Calonox Sight SE is a new clip-on device that offers all the features a demanding…

Leica Geovid Pro 42 56

Introducing the New Leica Geovid Pro Models

BYTilenJan 27, 2023

Introduction Leica has expanded its rangefinder binoculars offerings with the introduction of the new Leica Geovid Pro models. With 30…

Leica Geovid 10x42 R

Leica Geovid 10x42 R (NEW 2022) Laser Rangefinder…

BYPolona KranerJan 17, 2023

Leica is renowned for its precision optics and the new Leica Geovid 10x42 R Binoculars are no exception. With a…

Leica Geovid 8x56 R

Leica Geovid 8x56 R (NEW 2022) Laser Rangefinder…

BYPolona KranerJan 3, 2023

We are delighted to review Leica's newest Geovid 8x56 R laser rangefinding binoculars. The previous laser rangefinding Geovid came out…