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Leica HD-R 42 Edition 2200


HD-R 42 Edition 2200 is an upgraded version of the famous rangefinding HD-R binoculars. Leica has an enviable habit of manufacturing top-notch products – HD-R 42 Edition 2200 is no exception. Its glass is of top optical quality, and thanks to the Perger-Porro prism system the images are sharp, high in contrast and full of vivid colours.

First impressions

The bright LED display allows the data to be legible in all lighting conditions. The housing is armoured and thus resistant to potential impacts. The lenses are coated with a special nano coating which prevents dust and dirt from sticking into the lenses. Consequently, the user will not have to clean the device as much and the cleaning procedure itself will be much more convenient. HD-R 42 Edition 2200 does not come with an intelligent ballistics calculator like HD-B 42 Edition 2200, so the input of hunter’s own ballistic parameters is impossible (the binoculars also do not consider temperature and pressure when measuring the parameters). Like its predecessor, it has the EHR ballistics function that allows the user to display the equivalent horizontal range for angle shots (it takes the linear distance, the angle and the realistic ballistic curve into account).

Leica HD-R 42 Edition 2200
Leica HD-R 42 Edition 2200

New features

The only notable change that the Edition 2200 brings is the ranging capability – the old model can range up to 1825 m, while the new model ranges up to 2000 m.


Leica HD-R 42 Edition 2200 is an excellent choice for people looking for great rangefinding binoculars of premium optical quality. Many people do not really need a ballistics calculator – they will be able to save some money and get equally great binoculars. Leica HD-R Edition 2200 can be placed side by side with “giants among binoculars” such as Swarovski EL Range and Zeiss Victory RF since it offers the same functions – but for a more affordable price. Its optical performance is also on the same level – some might claim that it performs even better.

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