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Vortex Fury Binoculars


Vortex Fury is a brand new series of binoculars with an integrated LRF technology. The introduction of this model is a welcome piece of news – we expect that its launch will help create a new price range of binoculars with the LRF feature, since other manufacturers are likely to follow the trend. This is regarded as a welcome change since up to now the LRF feature has only been offered by Leica, Swarovski and Zeiss – at a price of approximately 3000 €. A mid-range price class of binoculars with LRF technology is slowly gaining a foothold – the introduction of Vortex Fury suggests that sooner or later all binoculars will have the LRF feature. Because of their excellent quality and affordable price, these binoculars are expected to be sold in great numbers. Presently, only the 10×42 model is available.

Vortex Fury Binoculars
Vortex Fury Binoculars

New features

The key feature of Vortex Fury is undoubtedly the LRF which gives accurate distance readings of reflective objects up to 1600 yards/1450 metres away. As regards non-reflective objects such as game, the laser works up to 1000 yards/915 metres. Unfortunately, Vortex Fury does not come with a ballistic calculator but features Horizontal Component Distance (HCD) for angle-compensated ranging and Line of Sight (LOS) which displays the actual line of sight range. The SCAN mode allows the user continual distance reading, which is especially useful when tracking a moving object. The surface of the binoculars is coated with ArmorTek which prevents external fogging and protects the lens from abrasion and dirt.

Using Vortex Fury's SCAN mode
Using Vortex Fury’s SCAN mode

First impressions

Vortex Fury binoculars are outstandingly compact – they are among the most compact LRF binoculars on the market. The two knobs, aesthetically integrated in the housing, enable the user to manipulate the controls with ease. In addition to having a high quality feel, Vortex Fury has got a conspicuous, attractive design. The colours seen when looking through the oculars differentiate a little bit – the image seen through the tube with the laser appears somewhat blueish; nevertheless, that is understandable considering Vortex Fury’s cost. We are not that impressed with its field of view (105 m/1000 m) which could have been better.


Vortex Fury’s launch is a sign that LRF binoculars are becoming more affordable and accessible to the public. It is as clear as day that these binoculars will be a hit on the market. Their extraordinarily small size and compactness are an indicator that with time the LRF technology will reduce in size to the point that it will no longer be seen from the outside. We hope that this type of binoculars will soon be on the same level of optical quality as other binoculars. Its top two qualities are definitely small size and reasonable price.

Vortex Fury Binoculars
Vortex Fury Binoculars

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