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The new Swarovski CL Companion NOMAD binoculars


Swarovski is one of the biggest names in the hunting industry, and they offer a wide variety of optics for hunting, bird watching, travel, and leisure. In November 2017 Swarovski launched a new range of binoculars, named Swarovski CL Companion. Not a whole year later, Swarovski introduced the CL Companion NOMAD series of binoculars.

Overview of the products

Swarovski CL Companion binoculars are the middle-class binoculars from Swarovski. The new series CL Companion NOMAD, however, are one of their prestige binoculars, which have a totally different design than their predecessors.

The new CL Companion NOMAD binoculars come in a very nice wooden box, which is untreated and only coated with oil. Next to the binoculars, you get also a leather field bag and a leather carrying strap. All components are hand-crafted in Austria, from the finest materials. The armoring of the binoculars and the field bag itself are made of vegetable-tanned cowhide and are treated so they stay soft and flexible.

The carrying strap is made of Indian buffalo leather and central European cowhide, so it does not need any special treatment after a long time in use. The new binoculars have also some titanium components for more durability.

Optically these new binoculars are very similar to their older models CL Companion, so they feature all the special coatings like SWAROTOP, SWARODUR, and SWAROBRIGHT. Available magnifications will be 8×30 B and 10×30 B, so they are very compact to use.


The retail price for the Swarovski CL Companion NOMAD binoculars, which will be available in November 2018, will be 2500€. The CL Companion NOMAD binoculars are an expression of pure elegance, which we see in the price and the quality of their products.




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