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Swarovski STR 80 Spotting Scope


Swarovski Optik is slowly growing its product range and moving from strictly hunting orientated products to the field of sport shooting. First example of this policy change can be clearly seen with the new spotting scope body Swarovski STR 80. Many spotting scopes made by Swarovski were already used by sport shooters, F-class shooters and others who compete in long range shooting in the past, due to their exceptional clarity and resolution. Swarovski spotting scopes were known to offer best possible optical performance in the field and with this new model their market share between shooter will defiantly rise.

Swarovski STR 80 spotting scope
Swarovski STR 80 spotting scope

New Swarovski STR 80 is in fact setting a new standard in its segment since it features an illuminated reticle for distance evaluations and corrections of point of impact. The reticle has 10-day time-intensity levels and 5 low light intensity levels. There will be two reticle options sold at the start (end of 2014) and that this a reticle with MRAD subtensions and a second version with reticle subtensions in MOA. The entire reticle can also be turned off completely for an unobscured field of view. With the reticle turned off the user will also be able to use the spotting scope for digiscoping. The reticle changes with the magnification chance in a way reticle changes in an FFP rifle scope. That means that reticle subtensions are always in the right proportion to the target.

Swarovski STR 80 reticle
Swarovski STR 80 reticle

Combined with the new Swarovski STR 80 body two different oculars can be used and that are:

Oculars can be mounted on the body under 0° angle, which is common for spotting scopes used by shooters and also in tactical situations.

HD glass and superior optical quality of these spotting scopes was already proved in the past by similar models named Swarovski STS/ATS 80 HD, so there is no doubt that sport shooters will be able to see bullet marks on really long distances. With the reticle with marking in MRAD there will also be very easy to read the needed corrections on the rifle scope direly from the target. The scope will also feature 3 different points for attaching Picatinny rail on it for additional attachment of lamps, red dots, lasers or other equipment.

Press Release

Swarovski has made the following press release of this new product. This was the text written in their official presentation of the new product.

Swarovski STR 80 spotting scope
Swarovski STR 80 spotting scope

Long-range shooting imposes stringent requirements on both marksmen and equipment. Every smallest detail is crucial for achieving the optimum hit. The new STR 80 spotting scope from SWAROVSKI OPTIK is the right choice to do this.


It combines crystal clear, state-of-the-art optics with maximum user comfort. Its unique reticle that can be activated and deactivated allows your customers to estimate distances and sizes, and adjust the impact point using the rifle scope – all without interrupting observation.


When combined with a digiscoping adapter, such as the PA-i5 adapter for iPhone®* 5/5s (*iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc.), the STR 80 is also ideal for documentary purposes. It comes with a variety of accessories, so that you’re always equipped to tackle any challenge.


Information about the reticle

  • Red reticle with brightness adjustable at different levels: 10 day and 5 night levels
  • Automatic switch-off timer after 1 hour, no memory function
  • When you switch magnification, the reticle changes with the target object, which means that all reticle values apply, regardless of the magnification you have selected
  • Distinction between both reticles: the MOA scale ends at 50, the MRAD scale at 15


Thanks to the reticle’s brand-new projection technology, SWAROVSKI OPTIK is setting new standards in terms of spotting scopes with reticles:

  • The reticle can be activated/deactivated thanks to its unique projection technology
  • Best display quality (HD optics) for providing the optimum resolution and contrast even in poor lighting conditions
  • Optimum viewing comfort
  • Completely rugged (aluminum housing)
  • Maximum functionality for documentary purposes (TLS APO, PA-i5 adapter)


Swarovski Optik has made a big step in to shooting sport arena and that in the time when they are already dominating the world of premium optics for hunters. New Swarovski STR 80 spotting scopes seem to carry on the Company tradition of highest possible level of quality (If the optics is the same in this spotting scope as in the rest of their line, I would believe that this is true.) and at the same time offering innovations in the field where others don’t. The idea of having an illuminated reticle for distance estimation and point of impact corrections is fresh and currently this is the only such product on the market. Feature that this reticle can be fully removed from the field of view and that then this scope can be even used for digiscoping is however almost revolutionizing and I am sure it will find many fans.



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