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Leica ERi 3-12×50 rifle scope reticle subtensions

Leica ERi 3-12×50 rifle scope description

Leica introduced their new entry level riflescope named ERi in 2013 on IWA show in Nurnberg. These riflescopes succeeded Leica ER scopes, which were known for their light construction and good optical properties. Since Leica ER riflescopes did not feature objective lenses with a diameter greater than 42mm and had no choice of illuminated reticles, they were not particularly suited for European hunters. Leica knew all these facts so they developed the ERi series of riflescopes which offer all features needed by European hunters as standard.

Leica ERi 3-12x50 Rifle Scope
Leica ERi 3-12×50 Rifle Scope

Lowlight performance

There is a common trend lately that hunters will hunt deep into the night and riflescope performance in lowlight is of crucial importance to them. The biggest change stemming from this is that most of the riflescopes produced have 50mm or 56mm objective lenses to gather as much light as possible. Leica ERi 3-12×50 scope is made in accordance and its 50mm objective lens gives the hunter a distinct advantage in lowlight situations compared to riflescopes with 42mm lenses or less. However the sheer size of the objective lens is only a partial reason for the great lowlight performance of the Leica ERi 3-12×50. The light transmission rate of this scope is also well above average, as you would expect from the premium brand Leica. Light transmission is rated well above 92% in most of the visible spectrum.

Illuminated reticle

When hunting in lowlight a good light transmission rate is not the only feature a hunter needs, illuminated reticle is equally important. Normal reticles without illumination are not visible in lowlight situations. The ability to set intensity level of the illuminated reticle to the correct setting that corresponds to the lighting conditions, is almost as important as the illumination itself. Leica has designed the illumination system of Leica ERi riflescopes so that there is not much more to be wished for. The system is powered by CR2032 batteries which are broadly available and the illumination intensity can be set to 9 different levels with a simple turn of the side turret.

Leica ERi 3-12x50 Rifle Scope
Leica ERi 3-12×50 Rifle Scope

Long eye-relief

Leica ER scopes were among the first on the market that offered a really long eye-relief of 100mm. Their successor Leica ERi follows this tradition and has the same eye-relief of 100mm. With such a big distance between the eye and the scope, the chance of being hit in the face due to the heavy recoil seen in most other scopes is highly reduced. Leica ERi 3-12×50 can thus be used even on the most powerful safari magnum calibers.

Advanced ballistic turret

Leica ERi scopes have an option of advanced Leica BDC turret for elevation. This ballistic turret was previously known as the Leica ASV turret and has 100 clicks in one CW (clockwise) turn. This BDC turret has an option of markings with each 1 cm/100m click or twelve different ballistic rings with marked distances for 12 different ballistic curves. At least one of these 12 ballistic curves will fit the actual ballistic curve of almost any rifle. Shots up to 600 meters or more are very easy to make and very accurate at the same time, using the Leica BDC ballistic turret. Since ERi 3-12×50 is a hunting scope and not a tactical one or sport shooting scope, the ballistic turret also features a locking mechanism. This locking mechanism secures the turret position, even if the scope is subjected to use in the bush or thick forests. The turret cannot be turned and clicks applied if the turret is locked.

Leica ERi BDC turret
Leica ERi BDC turret

Mounting with rings or rail

Similar to many other premium European rifle scope, Leica ERi 3-12×50 is also offered in two versions with different mounting possibilities. Version with 30mm main tube for ring mounting is more conventional, however, this Leica is also available with rail mounting. In Leica Catalog these scopes are marked as scopes with track and Leica is using the Zeiss ZM/VM rail standard. Mounting with rail has many advantages over ring mounting and as a true premium product, Leica ERi 3-12×50 enables hunters to choose this mounting solution.

Leica ERi 3-12x50 Rifle Scope
Leica ERi 3-12×50 Rifle Scope

Leica ERi 3-12×50 reticle subtensions data

Leica ERi 3-12×50 riflescope has two reticle options and that are:

  • • 4A
  • • Ballistic

Traditional choice is the 4A, while the Ballistic reticle is the preferred choice of those that shoot on longer distances more often. Leica Catalog gives the following subtensions data listed below.

Leica ERi reticle 4A
Leica ERi reticle 4A
Leica ERi reticle Ballistic
Leica ERi reticle Ballistic
Leica ERi reticle subtensions datasheet
Leica ERi reticle subtensions datasheet

Leica ERi 3-12×50 reticle in nature

For better representation of reticle subtensions we used them in nature and took photos of them on a target set at a distance of 100 meters. The target used is shown on this picture and the actual reticle is shown also on the pictures below. I also have to mention that blur on the photos is due to the camera lens and not due to the optical properties of the scope.

Leica ERi 3-12x50 reticle 4a at 3x
Leica ERi 3-12×50 reticle 4a at 3x
Leica ERi 3-12x50 reticle 4a at 6x
Leica ERi 3-12×50 reticle 4a at 6x
Leica ERi 3-12x50 reticle 4a at 9x
Leica ERi 3-12×50 reticle 4a at 9x
Leica ERi 3-12x50 reticle 4a at 12x
Leica ERi 3-12×50 reticle 4a at 12x

Video of Leica ERi 3-12×50 reticle 4A


The Leica ERi 3-12×50 riflescope was designed for needs of most European hunters and it best performs in lowlight and other difficult situations. High light transmission rate, illuminated reticle and great Leica BDC ballistic turret are all features highly praised by today’s time hunters. As can be seen from my photos of its reticle, this scope also offers wide field of view and fine center of the reticle as an accurate aiming point. Hopefully you also got a better impression about the reticle subtensions in nature and not only the catalog values.

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