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Leica Calonox Sight – Real Start Up Time

You can watch how this device performed below

Start Up Time: 11.958 seconds

Ready to Use Time: 15.522 seconds

Leica Calonox Sight


Time #1 Time #2 Time #3 Time #4 Time #5 Average Time Standard Deviation
Start up Time 11.57 12.02 12.04 12.07 12.09 11.958 0.2786
Ready To Use Time 15.28 15.07 15.52 16.55 15.19 15.522 0.5979

Leica Calonox Sight
Leica Calonox Sight

Our Observations

With Leica Calonox Sight, the user has to long-press the on/off button for about 2 – 3 seconds. After some time, the manufacturer’s logo appears. When testing, the image appeared soon after, and the start-up timer stopped at approximately 11.96 seconds. We began pressing the ‘Menu’ button as soon as the image appeared, to demonstrate the ready-to-use time. When the device responded to the users’ actions, the second timer stopped, which was at approximately 15.52 seconds.

To turn off the device, the user must hold the power button. The countdown appears and the device turns off.

Leica Calonox Sight also has a Standby option, which is a useful battery-saving feature. If you wish to enter the Standby mode, you just press the on/off button. To use the device again, you must press the button again, and it becomes instantly responsive to users’ actions.

The device is a bit bulkier and heavier, but it’s still comfortable to use. It has a very nice and smooth design, and you can see the classic Leica features. You also get a case for the device, when you purchase it, which is a nice touch. It’s easy to handle and the buttons are comfortable to press, even if you’re wearing gloves.

Leica Calonox Sight has a built-in battery, you can charge it with the USB type C cable.

Specifications provided by the Manufacturer

Name Leica Calonox Sight
SKU Leica50500
Made in /
In production since 2020
Start-up time /
Battery life approx. 8 – 11 h
Battery Type /
Removable battery No

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