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GPO Rangetracker 2000

Updating the Rangetracker series

GPO is recognized for delivering outstanding value. Their products stand out not only for their superior optical quality but also for their sophisticated design and the seamless fit and finish. During Shot Show 2024, we were given the chance to explore GPO’s latest products. This included not only the Rangeguide 8×40 and 10×40 models and the Passion SD series of binoculars but also the new Rangetracker 2000, a rangefinding monocular.

What are the differences between Rangetracker 1800 and Rangetracker 2000?

The Rangetracker 2000 extends its ranging capability to 2000 meters, an increase from the 1800 meters of the Rangetracker 1800. Additionally, the newer model features a red OLED display, unlike the previous models’ LCD displays. The red OLED display proves especially useful in darker surroundings, such as when used in forested areas.

GPO Rangetracker 2000
GPO Rangetracker 2000
GPO Rangetracker 2000
GPO Rangetracker 2000

Other Rangetracker series features

The Rangetracker features a 6x magnification, widely regarded as the most versatile for rangefinding monoculars. A standout characteristic of GPO’s rangefinders is their rapid measurement delivery; measurements are nearly immediate upon pressing the button. In Scan mode, it delivers four measurements per second. Naturally, it includes the equivalent horizontal range function which is crucial for making an accurate shot at an inclined or declined terrain.

GPO Rangetracker 2000
GPO Rangetracker 2000

Expected in Q2, 2024

The model is slated for release in the second quarter of 2024, with a European price set at 399 €. It comes with GPO‘s standard 10-year warranty covering mechanical and optical components, alongside a 2-year warranty for electronic parts.

GPO Rangetracker 2000
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GPO Rangetracker 2000
Rangetracker 2000 features a red OLED display, unlike the LCD displays featured on the previous Rangetracker 1800 models.
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