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Zeiss technologies


“The ZEISS lens coating for crystal-clear vision”

With this special ZEISS coating, the water, dirt and oil is simply repelled from the outer glass surfaces. The name of this unique technology derives from the lotus effect where the water touches the leaf and minimizes the droplet’s adhesion by merging the nano-particles from the surfaces. Together with this hydrophobic feature, the LotuTec coating makes external lenses scratch-resistant. Since you don’t have to clean lenses too much, this significantly helps to prolong durability of the glass. This coating also eliminates reflections and glare and thus helps with crystal clear images.


T* multi-layer coating

Extremely thin layers of special T* coatings patented in 1935 provides an incredible light gathering ability. With the help of special materials light transmission is greatly improved. This anti-reflective transparent T* coating significantly reduces chromatic aberration that happens when the reflections are distracted. Image brightness is significantly enhanced and provides incredibly clear and sharp view-through free of flares and ghosting.

T* multi-layer coating
T* multi-layer coating

ZEISS FL – Fluoride lenses

“Brilliant up to the last detail”

Special Zeiss type of glass is rich in fluoride. Sophisticated processing decreases chromatic aberration and helps to produce an outstanding resolution with vibrant in colors and brilliant contrast. Fluoride lenses provide High Definition (HD) performance even in the most challenging lighting conditions.

ZEISS HT – High Transmission SCHOTT glass

“Process to increase the light transmission in optical parts”

SCHOTT AG – a sister company developed new optical lenses with additional High Transmission feature. HT lenses increases light transmission, very convenient for observations in the most light-critical time of the day. With the SCHOTT glass you can see the finest details even during the twilight. Setting the new standard, the Zeiss provides even up to 95% of light transmission.

High Transmission SCHOTT glass
High Transmission SCHOTT glass

Zeiss rifle scope technologies

Zeiss implemented new ASV technology with three bullet drop compensations with click markings in centimeters:

  • ASV+ 60 clicks / 1 cm – the most precise concept with range distance up to 600 meters
  • ASV Long Range 100 clicks / 1 cm – long-range shooting concept
  • ASV Competition 100 clicks / 5 mm – short-range shooting concept

Taking into account the bullet type, you can easily set the closet trajectory to the target objects.

The original ASV offered five foils that were applied around the turret. Together with linear scale this new ASV generation comes with quality metal rings that are durable and can be easily changed. These nine distance scale rings allow you to make precise adjustments very quickly.

Metal rings
Metal rings

The new generation of Zeiss ASV Riflescope technology provides different adjustment modes:

  • Single Turn Elevation – Turret locks, so only one 180° turn is allowed. This helps you to not to lose the original position.
  • Locking Mechanism – This helps you not to accidentally move the turret position. Locking is released by pulling up the external ring.
  • Zero Stop Mechanism – Allows you to establish a “point” in the scope range from which you adjust the proper bullet drop compensation.

Zeiss binoculars tehnologies


ZEISS provides very fast and smooth focusing thanks to the improved focusing speed. Dynamic fast focus feature allows you to use binoculars for longer periods of time. Carl Zeiss set a new standard with SF concept, very convenient for bird watchers and other wildlife enthusiasts that looks binoculars for more relaxed observations.

Big focusing knob
Big focusing knob

Triple-link Bridge

ZEISS upgraded an open-bridge setting with triple-link bridge, for a firm connection of the construction at three places. The third robust bridge is implemented above the focusing knob. This setting makes the construction even stronger and balanced. Finger spreading is slightly decreased, which gives you comfortable adjustment. It also helps with a firm wrap-around grip with just one hand. This natural hand position helps with more accurate operations and perfect focusing.

Dialyt Design

Dyalt “field spotter” is a spotting scope with extremely lightweight construction and compact size that can be quickly positioned against the tree or rested on a backpack. This design is specially made for long-distance observations of hunters, hikers and any law enforcement staff that are facing difficult terrain in the nature for extended periods of time. Straight through design is ergonomically perfect for scanning the surroundings below your own level. Extremely large objective lenses draw in plenty of light and perform incredibly well even during the nighttime. Generous field of view helps you with tracking targets on the move. Variable magnification from 18x to 45x helps you to get the finest details even from the highly remote objects.

Impressive image brightness
Impressive image brightness



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