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Zeiss Conquest V6


Conquest V6 is Zeiss‘ response to Swarovski’s Z6i price repositioning – Shortly after Z8’s launch, the Austrian company lowered their prices of the Z6i series. It is also likely that Zeiss wanted to release a riflescope that could compete with Docter’s V6 – this was the first riflescope with a 6x zoom factor in the price class of around 1500 €. As soon as we saw Conquest V6, we noticed its obvious similarities to Docter V6 – it seems as if Zeiss copied Docter, even the prices are identical. What also surprised us is the fact that Zeiss decided to remove Conquest DL from production. V6 is a medium-class Zeiss in all aspects – from design and illumination technology to the option of ordering it with a rail and/or ASV turrets.

First impressions

Zeiss Conquest V6 series riflescopes are very short, compact and have a typical Zeiss look. With these, Zeiss managed to fill up the “sweet spot” around 1500 €.

Zeiss Conquest V6
Zeiss Conquest V6 2-12×50

Model range

New features

Conquest V6’s most notable feature is its (proper) 6x zoom factor. Users will be impressed by the great field of view that this series offers. Its illumination system with a delicate red dot which works on the principle of an optical fiber integrated into the reticle is sure to leave a mark in the world of optics. There is an option of choosing ASV turrets which work as BDC turrets (In German, ASV stands for bullet drop compensation). It is queer and disappointing that the 2.5-15×56 model does not have an adjustable parallax (it is fixed at 100 yards (91 m) – In our opinion, every scope with magnification power over 12 should have an adjustable parallax. The buyer can choose between a scope with standard 30 mm tube or a scope equipped with a Zeiss ZM/VM rail. The 2 new models, 3-18×50 and 5-30×50, the first one for long range hunting and the second one for sport shooting, are a novelty in this price class – The introduction of these two models is something completely new from a European optics manufacturer.

Zeiss Conquest V6
Zeiss Conquest V6 1.1-6×24


This is sure to be a well-sold series – especially the model with 50 mm objective lens which is perfect for all-round use. This series currently has the best illumination system in this price class (optical fiber integrated into the reticle). We also like its ballistic ASV turrets which operate very well. It is quite absurd that Zeiss chose to discontinue its Conquest DL series. What is also rather odd is the wide-angle model’s zoom range which starts at 1.1x instead of 1x, making it difficult to look through with both eyes open. Furthermore, the 2.5-15×56 model does not have an adjustable parallax even though it works up to magnification power of 15. In overall; however, these riflescopes are a great buy. We just can’t figure out why Zeiss chose the same name as Docter – this is perhaps an outcome of long lasting rivalry between Carl Zeiss, West Germany and Carl Zeiss, Jena (now Docter). Nevertheless, there is a good side to this – the products are available at more affordable prices than they used to be. The average salary in EU might be lower than a couple of years ago, but one has to keep in mind that Swarovski, for example, used to set their prices for Z6i far above 2250 € which is currently the price of their least expensive Z8i riflescope (1-8×24).

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  • Zanimam se za dvogledDOCTER 8X56 OH-EDIN ZEISS COUNGVIST 8X56 kakšna je razlika med enim in drugim ali sta vsestransko uporabna ali je bolše imeti dvogled 8×42

    lp stanko

    • Omenjena dvogleda sta si zelo podobna, razen da je Zeiss za slabih 100 gramov lažji. Zaradi velikega objektiva sta oba namenjena za opazovanje v mraku, in to je tudi največja prednost proti dvogledu z manjšim objektivom, kot ste napisali – 8×42. Slabost dvogledov z velikim objektivom je predvsem teža, in po obliki so precej večji.

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