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Vector Optics Continental 2-12×50 SFP Riflescope Review | Optics Trade Reviews

This time, we’re looking at a hunting scope from Vector Optics called the Continental 2-12×50 SFP.

Interested in Vector Optics Continental 2-12×50 SFP?

Vector Optics

Vector Optics is a Chinese manufacturer of riflescopes and other sports equipment. The company has a lot of expertise in creating riflescopes. In the first years since its 2007 establishment, Vector produced OEM components for brands. This is also why the company’s rise in the sports optics industry has been so rapid. They had the know-how from producing optics for other brands and the normal next step was forming their own brand.

Vector Optics Continental 2-12×50 SFP

Vector Optics Continental 2-12×50 Physical Properties

This Vector Continental is constructed almost entirely of metal, with the sole exception of the rubberized ocular. The 30-millimeter main tube has a black matte finish. The product box includes 30mm Picatinny rings, as well as a few other goodies. This is a nice touch since most hunters won’t require additional rings if the scope will be mounted on Picatinny rail. But more on that later.

Shock, Temperature, and Water Resistance

All riflescopes in the Vector Continental series are built to last. The internal workings of the scope are nitrogen purged, allowing it to be used in a very cold environment. The lens won’t fog up because of condensation. The depth of water at which the riflescope is waterproof is one meter. The riflescope is also shockproof up to .338 Lapua Magnum. 

Scope Build

The eyepiece has a nice feel to it and can be readily adjusted. A smooth 180-degree turn makes for a seamless diopter adjustment. The turrets are capped. Removing the caps, you’ll find that turrets are completely made from metal. The illumination control of Vector Optics Continental 2-12×50 is on the left side of the scope. The objective has an outer diameter of 57 millimeters, which is important if you want to use the scope in combination with a thermal or night vision clip-on device.

Vector Optics Continental 2-12x50 SFP - 56mm Outer Objective Diameter
Vector Optics Continental 2-12×50 SFP – 57mm Outer Objective Diameter

Size and Weight

The length of the scope is 335 millimeters, which makes it a bit shorter than similar scopes from other manufacturers. The scope weighs 605 grams, which is more on the lighter side than the competition.

Vector Optics Continental 2-12×50 Reticle

The Vector Optics Continental 2-12×50 reticle is in the second focal plane, so it has the same proportions at all magnifications. Just one reticle style is available with this Continental scope, VET-10BDC. There are two thin lines beneath the center dot.


The dot may be illuminated with six brightness settings. Between each intensity level, there is an OFF position. The illumination is only useful in low-light conditions as it is not daytime bright.

Vector Optics Continental 2-12x50 SFP - CR2032-Powered Illumination Control
Vector Optics Continental 2-12×50 SFP – CR2032-Powered Illumination Control

Vector Optics Continental 2-12×50 Turrets

Turrets travel 1/4 MOA each click. You get 15 MOAs of reticle travel in a single turret revolution. The maximum range available on both elevation and windage turrets is 140 MOA. Both turrets, windage and elevation, are multi-turn turrets that allow you to make multiple revolutions with each.

Now let’s talk about zeroing in and turret settings on Vector Optics Continental 2-12×50. Start by zeroing your scope at a range at 100m. When the rifle is zeroed, pull up the turret and twist the dial so that the 0 marker will correspond to your zero setting. To finish up, push the turret back down into position and you’re ready to go.

The windage turret is also MT – multi-turn. The turret has markings up to 7 MOA in both directions. This turret is also simple to adjust. Make your windage correction on the firing range. Lift the turret, return its 0 marking to zero position, and press down gently.

Vector Optics Continental 2-12x50 SFP - Capped Turrets
Vector Optics Continental 2-12×50 SFP – Capped Turrets

BDC Turret

In the package, you’ll get an extra BDC turret as well as a user guide that explains how to properly use it for in-the-field adjustments. If you have targets that are at various distances and must be engaged quickly, the BDC elevation turret is extremely handy. This is a rapid-elevation turret with quick adjustment capabilities.
This BDC turret can be used by hunters or even target shooters.

Proper BDC turrets have numbers on the side that represent distances in 100-meter steps (e.g. 1 = 100m, 2 = 200m …). Simply dial to the desired distance and the POI moves accordingly. This is unfortunately not the case here since the added turret only has the click markings. That means that this turret is more of a simple tactical uncapped turret than a true BDC turret. It enables the user to do quick elevation adjustments but at the same time, the user still has to know the ballistics of their ammo really well and understand all the principles.

Vector Optics Continental 2-12x50 SFP - Basic and Quick Elevation "BDC" Turret Side-by-Side
Vector Optics Continental 2-12×50 SFP – Basic and Quick Elevation “BDC” Turret Side-by-Side

The elevation turrets of Vector Optics Continental 2-12×50 SFP scopes may be swapped in a matter of seconds. You simply need to remove the middle portion of the factory-installed turret. The center part is the screw. After combining it with the BDC dial ring, place it on your scope accordingly. To keep it in position, turn it clockwise and press down to secure it. Now the BDC elevation turret is set.

No Zero Stop and No Zero Marker

The handicap of the multi-turn turrets is that it’s easy to make an error. Note that these turrets also have no zero-stop mechanism. If you accidentally bump the turrets when transporting your gear, it’s hard to know in which direction and for how many clicks they rotated. You could miss the zero by an entire revolution!

The second disadvantage we discovered is that there is no zero mark on the main frame of the scope. A single dot or a line would be sufficient. Finally, even when fastened, the turrets wobble a bit.

All mentioned factors speak in the favor of using the standard capped turret on the elevation instead of the also supplied BDC turret. Still, it is a nice touch from Vector Optics that they included it anyway.

Vector Optics Continental 2-12x50 SFP - No 0 Mark on the Main Tube
Vector Optics Continental 2-12×50 SFP – No 0 Mark on the Main Tube

Vector Optics Continental 2-12×50 Optical Properties

Let’s explore how this 2-12×50 SFP model performs in terms of view-through quality. 

For a price of only 589 euros, the optical clarity is excellent. Diopter correction on the ocular can be adjusted from -3 to +2 diopter points (dpt).  The picture is crisp from edge to edge, and the colors are true to life. There is also no tunnel effect whatsoever. The 10-centimeter eye relief is very forgiving.

Vector Optics Continental 2-12x50 SFP - Rubberized Eyepiece & Diopter Adjustment
Vector Optics Continental 2-12×50 SFP – Rubberized Eyepiece & Diopter Adjustment

Vector Optics Continental 2-12×50 Magnification

The magnification is 2-12x. This range is one of the most versatile magnifications for hunting. The 2x magnification is ideal for close distances, while the maximum 12x setting is powerful enough for extended ranges.

Field of View

The wide field of view is especially excellent on this scope, as well as in all Continental rifle scopes. This really holds true for the entire series, including both tactical and hunting models. Without a doubt, the field of vision may be compared to that of more costly competitors’ models. At 100 meters, you have a 21-meter field of view at 2x magnification and a 3.5-meter FOV visible at 12 times magnification.

Light Permeability

As mentioned above, the scope has a 50-millimeter objective lens. In addition to glass quality and coatings, lens size improves the light transmission rate. Vector Continental scopes clock in at 90% by the manufacturer’s claims. This scope model will serve you well in early twilight and is more than satisfying in this respect for its price.

Vector Optics Continental 2-12×50 Price and Warranty

This Vector Optics Continental 2-12×50 SPF scope is made in China and comes with a 15-year warranty. You can get it for €589.

Where are Vector Scopes Made?

Scope of Delivery

Now, what do you get in the box with this Vector Optics Continental? The user receives a manual, bikini lens protection, zeroing tool, cleaning cloth, and some promo material. The addition of a sunshade is a bit unusual for a hunting scope. The packaging also includes Picatinny mounting rings, a BDC turret, and a warranty card that you can use to register your product.

Vector Optics Continental 2-12x50 SFP - Sope of Delivery
Vector Optics Continental 2-12×50 SFP – Sope of Delivery

Looking for Quality 30mm Rings?


To conclude the review, let’s look at the pros and cons. What do we like about this scope? First of all, the scope is very well made, and the overall build quality is high. Almost all parts are rugged metal.

Optical performance of Vector Optics Continental 2-12×50 also very good. You get a clean image, accurate colors, and a more than generous FOV. As we noted many times before, the FOV of affordable Vector scopes can be compared with more expensive competitor models.

The scope is lightweight. It is not too long. The manufacturer also packaged mounting rings in the box with the product. This is a real rarity on the market. We also appreciate the choice between the capped and the quick-adjustment BDC turret.

Vector Optics Continental 2-12x50 SFPVector Optics Continental 2-12x50 SFP - Picatinny Rings Included in the Box
Vector Optics Continental 2-12×50 SFP – Picatinny Rings Included in the Box

Pros Summary:

  • wide field of view
  • all-metal chassis
  • affordable price
  • BDC turret and Picatinny rings included
  • 15-year warranty


Now let’s focus on the downsides of this Continental 2-12×50 scope.

The wobbling elevation BDC turret could do with an upgrade. The lacking design is even more noticeable when the turret is open. Let us stress that this does not affect any functionality of the scope. But at least for aesthetics’ sake, Vector Optics better fix the issue.

What is a bigger bother is the lack of a zero-stop turret mechanism. As mentioned above, the user can make an error of an entire revolution. If you don’t catch the error, it’s difficult to know in which direction the turrets rotated. There’s also no zero marker on the main frame of the scope for orientation. Without the white orientation mark, it’s difficult to see exactly where the turret should be.

Vector Optics Continental 2-12x50 SFP
Vector Optics Continental 2-12×50 SFP – Sharp Knurls on the Magnification Ring

The knurls on the magnification ring could also be more polished. They are great for grip with gloves on. But with a naked hand, the edges are too sharp. While the bikini covers are a nice addition, a higher-quality flip-up cap would be better.

Cons Summary:

  • wobbling BDC turrets
  • no zero stop
  • no zero marker on the main tube
  • sharp knurls on the magnification ring

This brings us to the end of this Vector Continental 2-12×50 SFP review.

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