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U.S. Optics’s new B series


After a few years of calm, U.S. Optics has finally come up with brand new products. U.S. Optics is one of the few companies that not only has headquarters in America but also manufactures its products there. Introduction and launch of new products is a welcome change – their tactical riflescopes remain of the highest quality class. The market has long waited for what U.S. Optics will come up with and the outcome is quite pleasing – all the old models have been upgraded. Even the names of the riflescopes have been modified – there is now a mark “B” in front of the number. Their riflescopes are still MIL/MIL, which helps assure that the user hits the target with the first shot. As is typical of tactical riflescopes, the reticle is in the first focal plane. U.S. Optics company still offers a wide range of possibilities when it comes to configuration options (the buyer can choose among various colours, clicks etc.).

U.S. Optics B-10
U.S. Optics B-10

Model range:

New features:

All the newly designed riflescopes have an improved, aesthetic housing. They are – finally – equipped with a Zero Stop system that allows an instant return to the user’s zero point, irrespective of the number of elevation adjustments made in the field. The turn indicator enables the shooter to see or feel in which turn the elevation turret is. The presence of these two features is a giant step forward by U.S. Optics considering that their former expensive tactical riflescopes lacked them (it is very strange that they had not considered adding these features before). Another interesting thing is the price which is going to be lower than that of U.S. Optics’ riflescopes from previous series.

U.S. Optics B-25
U.S. Optics B-25

First impressions and conclusion:

In terms of aesthetics and design, U.S. Optics’s new products have greatly surpassed the previous versions. The turrets are great – the clicks are crisp, and they are finally equipped with Zero Stop technology. It is unusual that they come at a lower price than the previous versions since their optical quality is at a very high level. U.S. Optics is among the few companies that keep on lowering the prices of its products, and this is why we think that their newly-introduced products will be competitive on the market and sell well. U.S. Optics is a trademark with a “magical” status here in Europe because there are only a few owners of their products around – showing up on a shooting range with one of their riflescopes might thus attract the attention of curious onlookers.

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