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The new Noblex N5


This is a brand new product from Noblex (ex Docter), where the main guideline was to make an excellent rifle scope below the price range of 1000 euros. The result is the cheapest Germany made riflescope.

This series is adorned with the modern design and curvy angles which makes this series very nice looking. Docter’s design was very robust and dull – they have decided to transform their design completely. Optical features, however, will stay the same as on old Docter models, which means that the series will be of excellent quality.

Noblex N5 3–15×56


This is the optic that will make future for Noblex. We predict that this is going to be their best-seller because of its price/performance ratio. Noblex is putting a lot of trust in it because it comes with a 5x zoom for under 1000 €, which is really great. It will be firmly made and nicely adjustable, generally very usable.

Noblex presented three different models in this riflescope series, namely the 1.2–6×24 which is perfect for a driven hunt, 2.4–12×50, and 3–15×56 which is a true all-rounder. All of them are equipped with a 4i reticle.

So why would anyone like to buy a riflescope from the N6 series if N5 is already pretty decent?

The wide angle model does not have a 1x time magnification (the image is magnified by 1.2x at the lowest magnification), which can persuade the buyer to pay 400 € more and get the wide-angle model from the N6 series for an even better overall experience.

N5 3–15×56 does not have a parallax setting, the same thing applies to some similar models – R2 made by Meopta and V6 made by Zeiss. Nowadays, this appears to be a trend. It is quite strange to have a 15x times magnification without an adjustable parallax. In our opinion, this is a big compromise.

Noblex has not spoken anything about the warranty yet. It is possible that they will offer 30 years for the N5 series as is the case with many other models. If not, we expect at least 10 years of warranty.

Noblex N5 3–15×56

Noblex’s place in the world of optics depends largely on N5’s success. They changed the name and if N5 won’t sell as well as expected, there will be huge troubles. Nevertheless, we are nearly a 100% sure that the series will sell because of the 5x magnification zoom and Docter quality for under 1000€.


From this series, we can only expect the best: Docter quality, robust housing and optical perfection.

In this price range, there is – for now – no competition for Noblex’s N5. This is currently a big advantage for the company.

If we take into consideration that this riflescope can be obtained for below 1000 € with the listed characteristics and features (5x zoom factor, made in Germany), we can conclude that the series will be a hit on the market.

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