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Sightron SI riflescopes | Optics Trade Debates

Hello and welcome to another one of our Optics Trade Debates. The topic of this debate is Sightron products, more specifically, the most affordable line of Sightron riflescopes – this is the SI.

What are some of the features that link one riflescope from this series to another? All of them are one-inch tube scopes, so they are all very compact and light. They all have low-profile hunting capped turrets and they feature a 3x zoom. The smallest one is the 1.75-4x32, then we have the 2-7x35, the 3-9x40, the 4-12x40, and the 3.5-10x50. There are a lot of models in this series and they can include different reticles.

The 4-12x40 also has an adjustable parallax on the objective bell (AO scope). There are two types of this scope – the normal 4-12x40, and the field target (FT) version 4-12x40. The field target version can go lower with the parallax adjustment – it begins with 8 yards (7 m); while the normal model begins with 15 yards. The FT model has a parallax range which goes even lower than on the normal model.

It is interesting that even though those are the most affordable Sightron riflescopes, they are still made in the Philipines, not in China. They say that this is the main selling point – that even though this scope costs 200 €, it is still not made in China, so the quality is a bit higher.

It all goes back to the basic Sightron philosophy: more value for less money. Sighron does not invest in marketing or any other fields, only in research development – they only try to achieve better optics for the same price as the competitors.

Click value is not an important factor for hunting riflescopes, but still, we have to mention that they have ¼ of MOA multi-turn clicks. They are rated all the way up to .308 Winchester, so you will not have problems with them.

The warranty is 10 years. You get a Philippine scope for the price of a Chinese scope and optically speaking, you get a scope that would cost at least 20% more with the competitors.

The 3-9x40 and the 2.5-10x50 are hunting models for all types of hunting, from a classical point of view  – they do not feature illumination, a 4x zoom, etc. These are basic scopes however, they are affordable, light, and small. You can get them with a duplex reticle, or a bullet drop compensation reticle (BDC).

The 4-12x40 with an adjustable parallax is very popular with the small caliber rifles – also for hunting and hunting competitions on 35. The FT version of this scope is, of course, for field target shooting. The smaller scopes are used for small caliber rifles or rifles where you need a wide field of view. The main focus of these two models is that they are compact and small.

For their price, they are optically decent. They all also feature a fast focus option, which is more or less a standard.

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