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Pulsar Telos XG50 Thermal Imaging Monocular

At Shot Show 2024 in Las Vegas, the Pulsar booth stood out as one of the highlights for our marketing team as we looked forward to discovering their latest innovations.

Following the debut of the XP50 and XP50 LRF Telos thermal imaging monocular at last year’s IWA, Pulsar has expanded the Telos series with the introduction of the XG50 and XQ35 models at this year’s Shot Show.

Pulsar Telos: Pulsar’s Leap Forward in Thermal Optics

Positioned strategically within the Telos series, the XG50 serves as the mid-range model, flanked by the more affordable XQ35 and the premium XP50. Like all models in the lineup, the XG50 highlights the line’s commitment to customization and upgradability. This approach means you don’t have to buy a whole new device just for a few technical upgrades. Additionally, Pulsar is looking to cut down on waste and promote green habits among users.

Pulsar Telos XG50
Pulsar Telos XG50

Pulsar Telos XG50 Specifications

Although the overall appearance of the Telos devices remains consistent throughout the series, each of the three models varies in specifications.

Being the mid-priced of the three, the XG50 features a Lynred sensor with a 640×480 resolution and a @12-micron pixel pitch, a 50 mm germanium lens and a NETD under 40 millikelvins. The device has a 3.5x base magnification with a possibility of 4x digital zoom. On the front end of the lens, the focusing and digital zoom rings are arranged in a vertically symmetrical pattern. With the new Li-ion LPS 7i battery, Telos devices can last up to eight hours on a single charge. Although this specific battery type is not compatible with other Pulsar devices, an issue we highlighted in our review of the Telos XP50 last year, the inclusion of a USB Type-C port is a convenient addition.

The Telos is completely waterproof and designed by Pulsar to endure the harshness of outdoor conditions. It can function in temperatures ranging from -25 to +50 °C. The device has a sturdy composite polymer shell with a rubberized finish. Because of its non-slip surface, this structure guarantees a firm grip and wear resistance – even in humid environments.

Pulsar Telos XG50
Pulsar Telos XG50

Conclusion and Pricing Overview for the Telos XG50 Model

The XG50 is available at 2890 € for the model without LRF and adding 300 € gets you the version equipped with LRF, priced at 3190 €.

Pulsar’s expansion of the Telos series is likely set to attract a broader range of users, which we see as a step in the right direction. We have highlighted before, including in our previous Telos reviews, the potential benefit of Pulsar adopting a unified battery system for all its devices. This would simplify usage across different products, and we are keen to see this approach become more standardized in the future.

Additionally, the ‘green concept’ is another positive step we appreciate. However, we are curious about the specifics of their upgrade system—how it works and what steps customers will need to take to upgrade their devices.

Pulsar Telos XG50
Pulsar Telos XG50

As for competition, it remains to be seen how brands like HIKMICRO will adjust to Pulsar’s innovative, modular design and environmental focus. The Telos series has indeed set new standards in thermal imaging with its flexibility and green initiative so observing how the industry players respond to these developments will be exciting.

Pulsar Telos XG50 Thermal Imaging Monocular
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Pulsar Telos XG50 Thermal Imaging Monocular
Pulsar has expanded the Telos series with the introduction of the XG50 and XQ35 models at this year's Shot Show.
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