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Pulsar Telos XQ35 Thermal Imaging Monocular

This year’s Shot Show 2024 in Las Vegas was an event filled with innovation and excitement, particularly at the Pulsar booth, which our marketing team had the pleasure of visiting. As we walked through the busy halls of the Shot Show, we looked forward to seeing the new products and innovations Pulsar has brought to the table this year.

Building on last year’s introduction of the XP50 and XP50 LRF Telos thermal imaging monocular at the IWA, Pulsar presented new additions to the series. This year, they expanded the line by adding the XG50 and XQ35 models which are available either with or without a laser range finder. Designed as a successor to their popular Helion lineup, the Telos series represents a significant step forward in thermal imaging technology.

Thermal Imaging Goes Modular

The XQ35 is introduced as the entry-level model within the Telos series. The key feature of the lineup is the upgradability, allowing users to customize their devices with a variety of technical enhancements based on individual requirements. This feature sets the Telos lineup apart as the first in the thermal imaging market to offer such customization options.

Pulsar Telos XQ35
Pulsar Telos XQ35

For instance, a user who starts with the XQ base model and later realizes the need for a larger lens, improved sensor, or a laser rangefinder doesn’t have to invest in an entirely new device. Instead, they can upgrade their existing device by changing only the necessary parts. This approach not only offers plenty of room for customization but also aligns with Pulsar’s commitment to sustainability.

By allowing upgrades without the need for a complete replacement, Pulsar aims to reduce the carbon footprint and encourage eco-friendly practices among its customers, making it possible to enhance the device’s features without the environmental impact of purchasing new equipment. Pulsar has also announced plans for a special platform for the Telos lineup, allowing customers to register and select upgrades, with more details expected in Q1 2024 and at this year’s IWA.

Pulsar Telos XQ35 Specifications

The general design of the devices remains consistent across the series, with each model varying in specifications.

The XQ35 model comes equipped with a smaller Lynred sensor with a 384×288 resolution and a @17-micron pixel pitch, a 35 mm germanium lens and a NETD under 25 millikelvins. The device has a 3x base magnification with a possibility of 4x digital zoom. The focusing and digital zoom rings on the housing around the lens are arranged in a vertically symmetrical pattern.

Pulsar Telos XQ35
Pulsar Telos XQ35

The Telos device boasts a battery life of up to eight hours on a single charge, thanks to its use of the new Li-ion LPS 7i battery. However, this specific battery type limits compatibility with other Pulsar devices – a minor inconvenience which we already touched on in last year’s Telos XP50 article. The battery does include the USB Type-C port, meaning that it can be charged directly via a cable, so this is a plus.

Pulsar Telos XQ35
Pulsar Telos XQ35

Pulsar designs the Telos to withstand the rigours of extreme outdoor environments, capable of operating in temperatures from -25 to +50 °C and being fully waterproof. The device features a polymer housing with a rubberized coating. This construction ensures a secure grip and wear resistance, even in humid conditions, thanks to its non-slip surface.

Final Thoughts and Price

The XQ35 is currently priced at 2190 €, with the LRF version available for an additional €300, setting the price at 2490 €, which we consider fair for its class.

Pulsar Telos XQ35
Pulsar Telos XQ35

It is encouraging to see Pulsar expand the Telos series, likely attracting a broader range of users depending on different fields of use. In time, we would like to see more consistency with the use of a single line of batteries that would be compatible with all Pulsar devices, as that would allow for a more uniform approach. Furthermore, it remains to be seen how competitors like HIKMICRO will adapt to or challenge this innovative approach.

The New Pulsar Telos XQ35 Thermal Imaging Monocular
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The New Pulsar Telos XQ35 Thermal Imaging Monocular
This year, Pulsar expanded their Telos line by adding the XG50 and XQ35 models which are available either with or without a laser range finder.
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